11 days of grace, all at once

1. My job
2. My health (even though it is crappy sometimes)
3. Nyquil
4. Booda
5. My ability to cook (when I feel like it, that is)

6. Wine
7. Chocolate
8. Fun Dip
9. Jawbreakers
10. Reese’s PB cups

11. Kevin
12. Dad
13. Ryan
14. Whitney
15. Chris

16. Logan
17. Logan’s hugs
18. Logan’s “knuckles”
19. Logan’s kisses
20. Logan whispering “Balls” into the mic

21. The fact that my sister and I are best friends, and that I never thought that would happen
22. Sundays with Whitney, Dad, and Logan (and sometimes Ryan)
23. The fact that my family gets along – makes life so much easier
24. My remaining grandparents
25. My late Gran-Gran – I am/was his “Number One”

26. Chick-Fil-A mint chocolate chip shake
27. My “Heather” time on my 20 mile (each way!) commute to work 5 days a week
28. Cookbooks (I have a problem)
29. My new Wii!
30. My awesome white Christmas tree (yeah, it’s still up. I’m lazy)

31. Target
32. Praful 🙂
33. Lipstick/lip gloss
34. Our annual Girl Trip (’09 will be year #4!)
35. Wireless internet

36. FSN
37. 3TAC
38. Besties
39. Kids of 3TAC
40. Kids of Besties

41. Google Reader
42. Dooce
43. Etsy
44. Facebook (so I can spy on people)
45. Gmail

46. Crafts!
47. Peace and freakin’ quiet. Like when I’m home alone. Ahhhh. One more reason I’m never having kids.
48. LUSH
49. Perfume
50. Fuzzy’s Saturday nights on the patio.

51. How I Met Your Mother (JUST discovered this show)
52. Having 2 cars
53. Being able to afford the things we need
54. Being able to afford (most) of the things we want
55. Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings


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