Grace – from Lazy Wife blog.

56. Taylor – she shared some good news today that makes me so happy for her 🙂
57. Better health insurance starting 3/1/09!
58. Kevin going somewhere to watch the game tonight – ahhhhhhh
59. Grandy’s sweet tea
60. The prospect of moving is exciting to me 🙂
61. American Idol!
62. Biggest Loser!
63. Blue Bell Butter Crunch ice cream (ha)
64. Cooking for my grandmother/aunt
65. Leftover pizza casserole 🙂
66. I’m glad that my friend VA realizes how many people care about her 🙂
67. Cooking food for my aunt/grandmother to make their lives a little easier for a few days
68. Not having to set my alarm to wake up this morning
69. Maalox will be gracing me in a couple of hours so I don’t have a repeat of last night
70. New Real Simple magazine came in the mail today 🙂
71. My new soft blanket – keeps my feet warm since I hate socks
72. Sleeping in, even if it’s only until 8:00
73. Arm rubs while I’m falling asleep (every night, ladies)
74. Jimmy John’s #4
75. Getting a Save the Date for a fun wedding in Austin 🙂 Can’t WAIT!


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