Grace – from LW

76. Friends that make me laugh.
77. Friends that don’t get offended when I crack jokes at their expense. I’m looking at you, Jess.
78. Kevin making chicken parmesan for dinner for me
79. Finding 2 new lipsticks I forgot I bought!
80. I got to give our designers from our corporate hqtrs. some awesome ideas for new jewelry – NOT including DIAB charms.
81. Getting a few hours of good sleep. It’s hard to come by these days. And by these days, I mean the last 7 weeks.
82. Going to Ulta and not buying anything. Kinda sad about it, but oh well.
83. Very happy for one of my friends who will be a mom very soon! She and her husband just found out they will get to adopt a baby at the end of January!
84. Aiden’s smiling little face. Happy birthday buddy 🙂
85. Pancakes
86. Sleeping in, even if it’s only until 8.
87. Falling asleep with the help of Nyquil 🙂
88. New Marie Claire magazine to read
89. Sweet Tomatoes and Bride Wars with my work people tonight
90. Just being lazy!
91. Again – good sleep last night. Ahhhhh.
92. Work went by quickly – because we were busy AND shorthanded, my favorite combination.
93. Logan giggling on the phone with me. He’s so freakin’ cute.
94. Vicks Vaporub for my feet/cough tonight.
95. I Love You Man. That is all.
96. Obama
97. Obama
98. Obama
99. Obama
100. Nyquil
101. Sleeping in. Till 8. This is a big deal for me.
102. Chick-Fil-A lemonade
103. Renting 2 Wii games @ Blockbuster. Try before buying!
104. 27 Dresses
105. Catching up on dang Google Reader. Finally!
106. I am SO SO thankful that my husband and I do not live above our means and have very little debt (compared to most people, at least). We know our limits and I have no problem saying NO when I cannot afford something. It’s just not worth it to be buried in debt.
107. American Idol auditions, for making me laugh.
108. Lunch with my boss today at Freebirds. We never get to go to lunch together, but we made it happen today!
109. Inventory prep at work is going much better than I thought it would. Thank GOD.
110. Excited about having Logan all day Saturday! We will be having an adventure 🙂
111. My brother coming to see me at work – I haven’t seen him since NYE and have missed him.
112. Jamba Juice 🙂
113. Going to bed early
114. Footrub (RIGHT NOW!)
115. Fun day with Logan tomorrow 🙂


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