Grace – LW

156. I didn’t have a huge pile of crap on my desk when I got back to work today!
157. I managed to stay busy all day at work – inventory is coming up.
158. I made a dessert for one of my employee’s birthdays tomorrow – I am such a nice boss.
159. 100.3 Jack FM plays the best music.
160. My boss is off until next Friday!
161. Friends that make me laugh on a daily basis
162. Friends that I can be honest with and not offend, because they “get” what I’m trying to say
163. Vicodin. Not even kidding. My face hurts from this damn sinus infection. FACE.
164. Baked potato soup
165. Hell’s Kitchen!
166. I’ve got a pretty cool doctor who doesn’t make me feel like an idiot 🙂
167. I work with some pretty nice people.
168. Booda is at 150% again!!!
169. Excited to get my hair cut on Sunday – it’s too loooooooong! (TWSS)
170. Hearing Humpty Dance on my way home from work 🙂
171. Swiss Cake Rolls
172. Pepcid AC
173. Chef Boyardee ravioli in a can (shut up)
174. Booda = cute
175. Had a good (but boring) day at work
176. Got to hang out with friends today
177. Got my hairs cut!
178. Babe’s biscuits
179. Playing at the park with Logan
180. He’s Just Not That Into You = two thumbs up 🙂
181. Yummy Valentine’s cookies at work
182. Don’t work until 12 tomorrow
183. Relaxing on the couch
184. Cream Soda
185. FINALLY got 2 out of 5 prescriptions filled and picked up
186. I’m grateful that not *every* customer is a jerk, just 80% of them. At least today. Happy frickin Valentine’s Day.
187. Kevin made yummy baked potatoes tonight 🙂
188. I have tomorrow off, and I NEED IT!
189. I am going to be crafty tomorrow, and if all turns out well, I will post pics for you to be jealous of.
190. Kevin’s birthday cake last night was perfect! Thanks Costco, for helping me be even lazier!
191. Bought a new couch, can’t wait for it to get here Thursday!
192. I will miss our old couch, it’s been a good one – but it’s time 🙂
193. Made it through Valentine’s Day at work.
194. I’m glad that I had *some* nice customers – unfortunately, there were more jerks this year than any other year I can remember.
195. New happy pills – we’ll see how they work out!
196. Spent a lot of time with Kevin talking about redecorating our new apartment
197. I’m glad Kevin has opinions, but I still hold veto power.
198. Fuzzy’s with the kids on Valentine’s Day – best Valentine’s Day dinner ever!
199. Got to hang out with Logan on Sunday, he was in rare form. Love that kid.
200. Logan in his pimp fedora and glittery Hannah Montana scarf = awesome.
201. Sweet Tomatoes has excellent cherry green tea and I could drink it all day, every day.
202. I got some pretty neat old cookbooks at Half Price Books last night 🙂
203. Looking forward to a quiet day off on Wednesday. Get to clean the living room in preparation for the couch!
204. Bargains this week: Huge rug and huge mirror and soft throw pillows.
205. Cuddling with Booda last night while we watched SNL and Big Love.


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