Grace – LW

116. Had an awesome day with Logan, Kevin, and Ryan. Logan behaved the whole time, I am so proud of him!
117. Lots of kisses and hugs from Logan, even though he is an uncle’s boy, and not an aunt’s boy. He LOVES his 2 uncles.
118. LUSH! 🙂
119. Saw President Bush’s new residence. Pretty cool. Had to stop the politics talk in the car between Kevin and Ryan, though.
120. Looking forward to a backrub tonight. More Logan tomorrow (or at least I’m hoping!).
121. No work today 🙂
122. Some good Wii time while Kevin was at work
123. Listened to some good music
124. Big Love!
125. Only working 2 days this week. Ahhhhhhh.
126. Paranormal State
127. The possibility of having an “ice day” tomorrow 🙂
128. Not busy at work today, but we had a fun day hanging out
129. My store is 31% above plan for the month. Whoo hoo!
130. New recipe for potato soup = yummy 🙂 I will add it tomorrow.
131. No work! I wasn’t sure how the weather was going to be, but I live 20 miles from work so I decided to be a chicken.
132. It was nice to hear sleet against the windows last night. Weird, I know, but it sounds cool.
133. Toddlers and Tiaras – so thankful I wasn’t forced to do that kind of crap growing up.
134. Breakfast for dinner!
135. Going to bed early – 10:30. Yeah!
136. Got to hang out with Logan and get lots of kisses
137. I pretended to help my sister pack some stuff so they can move 🙂
138. Taco Casa!
139. Baked potato @ Dickey’s for dinner
140. Got to see our friends, the Fegans. I always love getting to see them.
141. Decided we’re going to Austin for a few days towards the end of April
142. I’m thankful that we have a caring, awesome vet who truly cares about us and our dog
143. I’m thankful that it looks like my baby Booda will be okay
144. I’m thankful that we noticed something was not quite right with Booda when we did
145. I’m thankful that we are able to do what we need to do to get Booda well, even if it means shuffling a few bills around. Booda is my main priority right now.
146. Booda was feeling MUCH better today, which made me happy.
147. Booda will get to come home tomorrow, I can’t WAIT.
148. I am going to cuddle with him nonstop until I go back to work on Tuesday morning.
149. I’m not joking about 148.
150. Dinner + movie with husband and brother = happy Heather. New in Town = cute – not a buyer, but happy I saw it 🙂
136. Glad I’ve been able to stay home and monitor Booda’s “movements”
137. Sleeping in, even just a little.
138. Having a completely lazy day. Awesome.
139. New In Town, liked the movie, loved the soundtrack, can’t wait to buy it.
140. The Office – could have skipped the Superbowl and just showed this.
141. Lots of good, new recipes
142. One more day of vacation before I go back to work (boo)
143. Lots of new pics on Facebook (hey, I was bored)
144. Brother came over for dinner
145. Found a couple of old friends on Facebook today 🙂
146. Another unexpected day off tomorrow. Yay!
147. Booda is doing great, I will feel much better about going back to work now.
148. Tyler Florence (love)
149. I have been *spoiled* not going to work for over a week. I wish I could afford to be a SAHDM.
150. Yummy dinner tonight – BBQ baked potatoes 🙂 I’m on a baked potato kick, apparently.
151. A good lunch with good friends
152. Feeling okay enough with leaving Booda alone for a few hours
153. Cherry crumble pie 🙂 (No recipe, it’s Marie Callendar’s. I’m craving cherry cobbler, which no one makes anymore, so this is a decent alternative)
154. American Idol Hollywood week tonight!
155. Kind of, ALMOST, glad to be going back to work tomorrow – had a full 8 days off!


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