Okay, finally got those posts moved :) Grace!

It was brought to my attention by some friends yesterday (I use that term loosely) that I had slacked off. So. I blame it on the new happy pills, they took a while to start working, so I’ll do a little catching up and then we’ll pretend that this “break” never happened. Deal? Deal. Also, I’m going to quit numbering them because I can never remember where I left off. Bonus – I won’t feel bad when I can’t think of 5 things. Maybe I was only grateful for 3.5 things that day. Shut up.

* I’m glad that NRH cop didn’t give me a ticket for “weaving in and out of traffic without using a signal light”. I’m sure it would have been a doozy.

*I’m glad that I have a flawless driving record. I tend to believe that was what got me out of the ticket, rather than my somewhat sassy attitude I apparently had that day, according to my husband and brother. Whatever. One word answers are all I needed to give, sorry if I wasn’t super polite.

* That NRH cop was pretty cool for letting me go.

* My new couch rocks. It’s breaking in nicely.

* I’m glad that my husband isn’t a jerk. And that he doesn’t call my friends from his place of business to call them inappropriate names. I would be embarrassed.

* I’m glad that my husband is finished with inventory. He was kind of turning into a zombie there at the end.

* I’m proud of my husband! He is going to go far with his company 🙂

* I think it’s awesome that I taught Logan a new party trick – See Food. That’s what he gets for not saying my name yet. Brat!

* I’m glad my sister found a house that she loves. I love it too! We will have lots of good times at that house 🙂

* I can’t wait to help my sister decorate her new house. That’s always fun – spending someone else’s money.

* My company did pretty well last year – better than most retail stores. Here’s hoping they share some of that profit with us! My store in particular did very well 🙂

* I love watching Logan do somersaults. He’s a pretty cool kid, and it’s neat to watch his crazy personality start showing more and more.

* I kicked ass saving money at Kroger this week, without even really trying too hard.

* Now if I could just make myself cook something…

* I can’t wait to use my new pillows from Jess!

* I work with some pretty cool people. They make going to work bearable 🙂

* Kevin made beer bread on Sunday. It was excellent. I think he should make some more.


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