* I left a pretty big group of friends today. It sucks because I will miss most of them, but definitely not all of them. It was getting to be more of a stressful thing than a fun thing, and I finally decided today that I don’t need that anymore. So, I said goodbye and that was that. I actually felt relieved when I did it, and I wasn’t expecting that. I thought I would be sad – but I am not. I am glad that I finally did it.

* Good, slow day at work. I got a lot done 🙂

* Payday – nuff said. Thank God. Even though the majority of it is already spent or accounted for. Ugh.

* I love my new pillows!


One Comment on “Grace”

  1. Jess says:

    I’m glad you love your pillows!!
    Everyone has been giving great reviews on them.

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