I am so lucky that my family actually gets along (okay, well, there’s one little group that we kind of just “tolerate”, if you could call it that, but they don’t count). I can’t imagine not spending Sundays with my sister. I can’t imagine not sending funny text messages to my brother when I see something that would make him laugh. I can’t imagine not being able to call Dad and ask him about stuff I know nothing about (retirement plans much?).

I would not have typed this post 10 years ago. I grew up feeling more like a mom to my sister and brother and that just didn’t leave much room for being friends. Now, I still feel like a mom to them but they are all grown up now, so it’s easier to be friends. My sister and brother are my best friends (there are others too, but you know what I mean) and I can’t believe we spent so many years hating each other.

We just had a good day yesterday, and this has been on my mind šŸ™‚


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