Etsy for my sanity

In an effort to tune out my husband’s incessant coughing fits, I’m window shopping on Etsy. It’s keeping my mind off of that grating, dry cough that he loves to drive me crazy with. I know he feels bad (I was there, yesterday) but dang. That cough of his KILLS me. And yes, I know that you are reading this and getting your feelings hurt, Kevin, but it’s MY BLOG so suck it. Love you, hate it when you’re sick.


These are things that I really, REALLY need.

Mincing Mockingbird


Doodlebug’s Fun Fabrics




One Comment on “Etsy for my sanity”

  1. Jess says:

    He could have a paper cut and he would act like he was on his death bed, it’s just how guys are…they are always sicker than you, no matter what…

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