* Getting a morning visit from Logan was nice 🙂 Logan and Whitney came by and picked up his birthday party invitations that I made for him. They were too cute! He seemed to like them.

* I’m finally starting to feel better. I’ve got this nagging cough, but other than that I feel okay! I’ve been sick since November (on and off, but more on than off by far) and I’m hoping this was the final “blowout”. Having a fever sucks, I forgot how much it really makes your whole body hurt!

* I encountered THREE really nice people at Kroger tonight – this is a big deal, because my Kroger is usually chock full of white trash. Tonight was nice! Makes me glad to know that there are still friendly people out there 🙂

* I actually scored an arm rub last night. Kevin’s been sleeping on the couch (he’s sick too – we’re a fun bunch these days) and I talked him into rubbing my arm for a little while until I fell asleep last night. I miss getting one every night, he’s been on the couch for almost a week now! I bet I can get another one tonight, especially since I bought him some Drumsticks at the store – the ice cream ones 🙂

* I’m really looking forward to having two days off in a row. If I can make it through 8.5 hours of work tomorrow I’ll be home free until Tuesday!

* I love my Tivo Suggestions for catching the original Freaky Friday for me 🙂

* Bought some frozen edamame at the store tonight – a girl I work with brought in some edamame from Pirahna sushi and it was soooooooo good, so I had to buy some for my two days off! Yum!


One Comment on “Grace”

  1. Sarah Elmore Burns says:

    I watched the original Freaky Friday, too!

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