Yesterday started out as a fun day with Whitney and Logan – we ate a yummy breakfast of biscuits and eggs and then Chris went off to work. Logan and I played on the bed for a while – actually he figured out how to do front flips off of my back, just giggling the whole time. We got him dressed and then we played on his cool keyboard for a while. I do believe that was the best gift he got at Christmas!

We went to see all of the great-grandparents and hand delivered their birthday party invitations. Logan succeeded in making all of them laugh and played soccer with all of his great-grandparents, and also dragged Prissy the yorkie around on her leash. Still having fun…

We went to the mall so Whitney could look at new kitchen tables at JCPenney. Logan was passed out in his stroller for most of the trip. He woke up and was a bear for a few minutes, but he was just fine after some fruit snacks! Still having fun…

We went to Sam’s. I had to get the huge box of Fun Dip. Sam’s did not disappoint.

Target was where the shit hit the fan. Logan is at that age where he doesn’t want to ride in the cart, he doesn’t want to hold a hand – you can’t win. We started off letting him walk because it wasn’t too too busy. He apparently likes to help shop. Some of the things the child threw in the cart: Two huge cans of tuna fish, 1 can of diced pears, beef stew (twice), and 2 bags of chips. Random. He took all of the stickers off of the watermelons. He finally got put in the cart (the big part, God forbid we make him sit in the seat part) and entertained himself by stacking all of the things we had put in the cart.

In the toy section, he threw a carton of yogurt. Of course it busted.

He left a trail of Cheerio snack mix all throughout the store.

Finally, he just dumped the whole bowl of snack mix. Right in front of a Target employee. Luckily, she was nice and said it was not a big deal and they’d get a broom and clean it up. Logan is just laughing like a maniac at this point.

He kept trying to put other things in the cart as we were checking out – and that was the end of the Target trip.

We were laughing about it as soon as we got going in the car again 🙂

He is CUTE, but he is definitely TWO.


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