Our first White Trash Road Trip 4-12-09

So, I woke up Sunday morning (Easter – we opted to sleep rather than drag ass to church) and decided that it would be a good day to go on a drive. We hadn’t done that in a long time, and we are rarely off on a weekend day together. I let Kevin sleep for a while (since I woke up at the crack of dawn) and then woke him up. I said, “Remember when we used to flip a coin and go driving? Tails, left, Heads, right? Remember that? Wasn’t that fun?”. He said that he didn’t remember that at all. Then I remembered that I used to do that with my high school boyfriend John. Oops. I told Kevin I must have gotten my boyfriends confused – I was with John for so long, and I’ve been with Kevin for so long that sometimes they all run together. It happens a lot, Kevin is used to it by now. I should probably learn to keep my mouth shut.

Anyway. I showered and got dressed, as did Kevin. We grabbed the GPS and gassed up the car. I was going to let Kevin pick where we went this time. Next time, it’s my turn! He said he wanted to go southwest. So, off we went. (For the record, my choice would have been northeast. But whatever.)

First stop, Dairy Queen in north Fort Worth. You can’t go on a road trip and NOT go to Dairy Queen. It’s the Texas Stop Sign. After an excellent steak finger basket (me) and chicken finger basket (Kevin) and NO FREAKING LIMEADES (what kind of Dairy Queen runs out of limes? WTF!) we were really on our way.

We headed down 183. We saw the JRB and Lockheed (ooooh, exciting) and Ridgmar Mall. We went looking for Burger’s Lake (went there all the time when we were younger) and I’ve come to the conclusion that it no longer exists. (Now Google has proved me wrong, once again).

I decided that we were going to go to Granbury. I’d never been and Kevin had never been. We got on 377, passed the Pate Air Museum in Cresson (we used to go there when we were little!), and headed into Granbury. It sprinkled on us a little bit, making it just humid enough to be uncomfortable. Thanks, God! We also decided that lots of old people live in Granbury – retirement homes/lifestyle centers all OVER the place.

Some of the stores on the square were actually open! We parked and walked around the square. I bought my sister part of her birthday gift, and we ate ice cream at a soda shoppe. It was fun πŸ™‚

From there, we drove to Glen Rose. We checked out their town square and this time nothing was open. So we went to Big Rocks Park! I will never forget this place – we came here when we were kids, and my mom got carried away in the river because the water was moving so fast. Dad didn’t want to get his brand new awesome tennis shoes wet, and I think he thought she was joking. Yeah, well, she wasn’t. She finally got out and was bruised as hell. Dad has a “thing” with not getting his shoes wet and rivers. I got stuck in Red River, NM and Dad wouldn’t rescue me either. I lost a flip flop thanks to him. Whatever, Dad! I haven’t forgotten that.

We had a celebrity sighting: Gordon Keith, of The Gordon Keith Show and The Ticket fame. Kevin spotted him, I wouldn’t have known who he was had it not been pointed out to me. I guess he was there with his daughter, he was videotaping her. I feel quite sure we made it into a few shots of his home movie. Hi Gordon! Love(d) your TV show! I tried to talk Kevin into taking a picture with him, but Kevin refused. Whatever.

After we got eaten up by mosquitos and crawled on the bigass rocks, we headed out of Glen Rose. We started heading home. We hit up the Cleburne town square and then I wanted to see where this Cafe 1187 was that I’d heard so much about. Heads up, it is out in the effin’ sticks. But I still want to go there.

We drove home through one of the shady parts of Fort Worth, because why not? We decided we needed to experience Stop Six firsthand. We saw 2-3 prostitutes (silver spandex skirt and leggings, what?), an insurance seminar (bigass wreck) and lots of crazy looking cars. It was interesting, to say the least.

We logged exactly 200.1 miles on this little day trip. I had a blast, and can’t wait to go on another one. I’m sure you’ll be just as excited to read about that one too πŸ™‚


One Comment on “Our first White Trash Road Trip 4-12-09”

  1. Sarah Elmore Burns says:

    nice road trip! You should’ve texted me while in Granbury, I could’ve told you all the cool places to go/eat.

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