Dove SkinVitalizer

Okay, so I got this thing for a quarter. Yes, 25 cents. 1/4 of a dollar. I figured, what the hell – if it sucks, I wasted a whole 25 pennies.

So I bought it about a month ago and just now got around to using it. Actually, I had forgotten about it but my skin has been acting so psycho lately that I hunted it down and opened it up.

I really liked it! It was easy to use, and my face feels clean. I used the “exfoliating” side of the cleaning pillow – my only complaint is that it wasn’t rough ENOUGH. I am going to go get some St. Ives no nonsense apricot scrub and exfoliate the crap out of my face tonight. Perhaps I’ll put some on the pillow and let Dove scrub it out for me.

I also splurged (ha) and grabbed one for my sister. Maybe she’ll use hers 🙂

Anyway, if you can’t afford that fancy face scrubber (Clarisonic?) – get this one. It’ll do!


One Comment on “Dove SkinVitalizer”

  1. KelsNotChels says:

    how did you get this for a quarter!? Great deal!! Or do you think it is worth more than a quarter?

    (you can just email me, if it isn’t too much trouble. :D)

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