Things I have done in the past week

* Eaten half of a bag of Cheetos while watching the finale of American Idol. Oops.

* Spent $12 on spices at Penzey’s. Amazing how spending 12 little dollars can lift your spirits.

* Realized that I am in a sad, sad state if buying spices puts me in a good mood.

* Bought Night In For Two @ Lush to split with my seester. My skin needs help. Ever since I turned 30 my skin looks much like a teenager’s would.

* Cut 3 weeks worth of coupons. Not bad, you say? When you have multiple copies, they add up. To about 5 inches high. Still not finished.

* Worried nonstop about a good friend. Smiled because I am proud of that friend. Sad because of how her life is changing, even though it is for the better. She’s a smart lady. She also has awesome $1 t-shirt skillz.

* Laughed at Adam Lambert for wearing whatever the hell he is wearing. Remembering why I quit watching this show in the first place.

* Told my IT dept. at work that they should hook us up with wireless internet so I can bring my laptop to work and surf in peace. Luckily the dude I talked to is pretty cool, we’re buddies.

* Cried because I’m trying to find a place good enough for Booda to stay at while I go on vacation. I wish I could take him with me, he would love it.

* Vacuumed my comforter. Border Collie/Spitz mix shedding sucks ass. However, I would vacuum every 5 minutes if I had to. Booda is that awesome.

* Put Logan on the treadmill. I think I got him up to 2 mph on an incline. Laughed my ass off because he is so cute, and all I had running through my head was this:

* Failed at finding cute sandals at Target. My friend Mallie had some really cute ones on today, but two Targets later = nothin’.


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