Our last minute adventure

I decided this morning that instead of doing what I needed to be doing (moving boxes so I can move the treadmill to the house) that Kevin and I would kidnap our nephew Logan for the day. He’s more fun than moving boxes.

We picked him up and our first stop was Sonic. Kevin and I were thirsty and a little hungry so we got drinks and grilled cheese. Logan may or may not have gotten his very own “seettea”. Don’t worry, he didn’t drink very much of it before you go calling CPS on me. No more than he would have chugged out of my cup, at least. We headed to the Colleyville Nature Center!

We had a small picnic with our stuff from Sonic, and then decided we would feed all of the ducks/geese that were quacking very loudly (causing Logan to also quack very loudly).

Then it was time for “hiking” as we told Logan. I read that there were 3 miles of trails in the Colleyville Nature Center – I’m pretty sure we walked about 2 miles. We let Logan choose the way – “Weeee way!” so he loved that. He was a good little hiker! I can’t wait to “hike” with him in Arkansas next month.

If you live anywhere near Colleyville, TX, you know that the above pics do not look like they belong in Colleyville. We did not feel like we were in the metroplex! (Okay, there were a few spots where the trails were all up in someone’s (rather large) backyard). For the most part, though, it was so quiet and non-city like. We will definitely go back!

As soon as we got to the car, this was the scene.

I made another spontaneous decision to go to a “spray park” I had seen in Flower Mound. Problem: Logan didn’t have a swimsuit with him. Problem solved: Stopped at Grapevine Mills (Children’s Place) and grabbed a new one for him($8! It was a steal). Got a towel @ Kroger. We were set. He slept for quite a while in the car, but was wide awake by the time we got to the spray park. We grabbed some Subway for our real lunch (it was almost 3:00 by then) and headed out to the benches.

PS: I changed a diaper with him STANDING UP. Subway in FloMo does not have a changing table. I feel like a pro.

Logan was so sweet to this little boy. He was a new walker, and Logan was showing him the ropes.

Logan did NOT want to leave, but we had to go. We all had a great day, and we will be kidnapping him more often in the future šŸ™‚


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