The Logan5000

After spending almost 2 full weeks with my nephew, I’ve kind of figured out how to understand his 2 year old rambling. He’s in that stage where he’s trying to communicate and tell you what he wants but it doesn’t always come out in ways that adults can understand! So – here are a few of his sayings and doings that make me giggle. Loganisms, if you will. Ha!

Chi Chi Po = Fishing pole

Chitchin = Fishin’

Pie Pies = Fireflies

Dita Boot! Dita Boot! = Dora and Boots! Dora and Boots!

NO I NOT! NO WAY! NO THANK YOU! STOP! = His favorite words right now. He IS two. These words are often accompanied by pouting, throwing himself on the floor, crossing his arms, screaming, a hand being shoved in your face – talk to the hand – or a strange combination of these actions.

No poop, just teetee = self explanatory. Half of the time, this is a complete lie.

Aprise! = Surprise!

Hayor, Whore, Ho = Heather. I’ve been told my name is hard to pronounce, but whatever. It just sounds like my nephew is calling me a whore when he says my name.

Kayin = Kevin. Apparently Kevin is difficult too.

Tita = T-Luv – what he calls my dad.

Alillo = Armadillo. In Eureka Springs, he saw an armadillo in the field behind the house. Every day after that, he asked, “Where alillo is?”. The kid has a mind like a steel trap.

Lutlo = Buffalo

Lellow = Yellow

Neat Nacks = Fruit Snacks

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle = Tickle Tickle Tickle. This is always accompanied by wiggly fingers, attempting to tickle you!

Some things the child learned while on vacation, courtesy of my brother Ryan:

Powder – shaking imaginary baby powder on your palms before you slap someone. Logan’s got the motions down pat. “Where my powder at?”

My nephew can now “drop it like it’s hot” and I have video of it. He has been known to stop in the middle of wherever he is and drop it. Never fails to crack us up!

Ryan also taught him another new dance in which he puts his hands behind his head and just does some pelvic thrusting. Completely inappropriate for a 2 year old, but hopefully this is one he will only do on command. Still funny to watch.

Logan is a fun kid. Frustrating at times, sure, but he’s a good kid and he’s probably smarter than a lot of adults 🙂


2 Comments on “The Logan5000”

  1. whitneypaige7 says:

    Ha! Thanks for making me laugh! You are right on with most of these, but T-Luv is actually "T-luz" and fruit snacks is "Noot nacks." And he was asking where you were tonight, just so you know.

  2. whitneypaige7 says:

    Oh, and don't forget the "pimp hand." Ryan refreshed his memory of that this morning.

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