It’s OK – idea stolen from A Daily Dose of Toni

Just Stop Screaming

1. It’s OK to cry at work.
2. It’s OK to watch Toddlers & Tiaras.
3. It’s OK to dream about things you can’t afford.
4. It’s OK to take a small break from your family.
5. It’s OK to take a small break from your friends.
6. It’s OK to put yourself first sometimes.
7. It’s OK to say no.
8. It’s OK to expect a footrub and armrub every night.
9. It’s OK to be negative sometimes. No one is positive all of the time.
10. It’s OK to get upset when your feelings have been hurt.
11. It’s OK to eat mashed potatoes when you’re sad.
12. It’s OK to not have children.
13. It’s OK to stay in your pajamas all day.
14. It’s OK to turn the A/C down to 65° at night (if you want to pay for it!)
15. It’s OK to miss an ex-boyfriend every once in a while (not in THAT way).
16. It’s OK to mourn the loss of some close friendships.
17. It’s OK to move on from old friendships.
18. It’s OK to make new friends.
19. It’s OK to miss your mom.
20. It’s OK to wonder what it would be like to have a mom, at the age I am at now.
21. It’s OK to not really care that your 32nd birthday is this weekend.
22. It’s OK to not ask for anything for your birthday.
23. It’s OK to hate Kendra from Girls Next Door and her stupid laugh.
24. It’s OK to kiss your nephew’s face (when he’s still enough to let you).
25. It’s OK to be upset when something bad happens to an old friend.
26. It’s OK to be mad at your husband.
27. It’s OK to plan a vacation 2 years in advance.
28. It’s OK to crave a sno cone every night.
29. It’s OK to realize that you’d much rather hang out with your friends and their kids on a patio on Saturday nights than be doing pretty much anything else.
30. It’s OK to not drink because you know what you’re going to be dealing with the next morning.
31. It’s OK to be frustrated with your job.
32. It’s OK to be good friends with your boss and co-workers.
33. It’s OK to want a new puppy.
34. It’s OK to realize that you are far too selfish to get a new puppy right now.
35. It’s OK to forgive people, even if what they did still bothers you months, years, decades down the road.
36. It’s OK to want to be babied every once in a while.
37. It’s OK to be jealous of someone’s awesome hair.
38. It’s OK to wonder what in the fresh hell some of your friends must be thinking sometimes.
39. It’s OK to “let” your husband do most of the cooking.
40. It’s OK to write whatever you want on your blog 🙂


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