My lovely Saturday

We woke up around 7:00 this morning.

1. Cowtown Farmer’s Market – very small, but I think it’s fairly new. Kevin commented that it was nothing like the Dallas Farmer’s Market – but Fort Worth is nothing like Dallas, so what did he expect? Did we buy fruits and veggies? Hell no, we bought tamales and sourdough bread. Ha!

2. Ridgmar Farmer’s Market – yet again, no fruits and veggies. Instead? Serendipity seasoned salt and a Dr. Pepper Cake and Frosting mix.

Leave it to me to go to TWO Farmer’s Markets and buy nothing healthy at all. In our defense, we were looking for carrots. Neither one had any.

3. Paris Coffee Shop – We attempted to go there for breakfast. Yeah, no. The line was from the front door, all the way to the back of the restaurant, and then curving back up. Uh. No breakfast is that good.

4. Rosebud Cafe – This is where we ended up eating breakfast. Never before have I had a waitress say “shit” and “crap” repeatedly. Definitely not fancy, but it was cheap and the food was good. Very small-town. And now we know the waitress’ life story, which is not something I really cared to learn about.

5. Ryan Place – I like driving through this neighborhood in Fort Worth, and since we were nearby, I figured why not? Well, they were having a neighborhood garage sale. We parked and went to a few of them, didn’t find anything, and left. I would love to live in that neighborhood.

6. Central Market – We rarely get to go to CM, so we went today. We left with HEB jam, HEB whipped butter (duh, for the sourdough bread we bought), and a drink for each of us.

7. Extract – I have a huge crush on Jason Bateman, and Kevin likes Mike Judge movies (as do I) so it was only natural that we go see this movie. It was funny, but not as funny as I was expecting. Of course, that might be due to the throbbing sinus pain I was experiencing the whole time. Jason Bateman is so cute.


8. Now I’m home, surfing and reading Pretty in Plaid.


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