Bad times sure do open your eyes to a lot of things.

* It shows you how much you can handle, even after you think you’re past your breaking point. I have a new breaking point every day, yet somehow I still wake up every morning.

* It shows you who truly cares about you, and who your friends truly are.

* It shows you that someone will always have it worse than you do (even if it is hard to believe at the time).

* It can either strengthen or weaken your relationship with your spouse. If you asked me right now, it’s definitely weakening it. Which is scary.

* It can show you how strong you really are. I don’t like being tested like this, but I don’t have any other options.

So, if you are my friend and you are reading this, just be patient with me. We’re about to get into some crap that I didn’t really want to have to get into that I can’t discuss. My only hope is that my husband will get a job offer quickly and then the stress level in my life will decrease dramatically. We are NOT giving up, this company cannot do this to people. This company is probably counting on people giving up, they are using intimidation to scare people – we are not showing them that we are scared, even though on the inside I am scared to death.

Thank you to my friends. I love you and need you now more than ever.

*I’m sure you all know this – but if you know the company of which I am speaking so highly of, don’t mention it on here. Thanks.


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