Thanksgiving food

We went WAY overboard this year. The worst part is that we thought we were cutting down – not so much. According to our list, we were making fewer dishes, but after seeing everything – nope. We had way too much food. It was all excellent, though!


We had one turkey smoked at a local BBQ restaurant, and Kevin roasted a turkey using Kidd Kraddick’s brown bag method. We used a pomegranate glaze and oh man – it was excellent. We will never have another turkey smoked at a restaurant again – this recipe was so easy and turned out so much better than the other turkey. In the past we’ve always had Greenberg turkeys, but I’ve never been a big fan. Never again!

Mashed Potatoes

We used Pioneer Woman’s mashed potato bake recipe. We doubled the recipe, thinking that 5 pounds of potatoes wouldn’t be NEAR enough – uh, wrong. They were great, but so filling (probably due to all the butter and cream cheese and half & half). We will definitely make again next year, but we learned that 5 lbs. of potatoes is plenty for our family.

Sweet Potatoes

This year we tried Paula Deen’s sweet potato recipe. I just ate a huge bowl of it. I haven’t been able to quit thinking about it. We doubled this one as well, and didn’t end up needing to – but if we hadn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to have it for dinner tonight, right?

Squash Casserole

We make this every year, and every year I say that I need to write down the recipe (it’s in my sister’s recipe binder) and I never do. So, if I actually end up doing it I will post it here.

Club Crackers

Everyone loved these. I added vanilla to them this year. They were great, but I was an idiot and they all stuck to the pan, so it ended up being more like Club Cracker Crumbs.

Puppy Chow

3/4 box Crispix

6 oz. chocolate chips

1 cup peanut butter

Powdered sugar

Melt chocolate chips and peanut butter together. Pour cereal in large bowl, then pour melted mixture over it and mix together. Pour cereal mixture into large ziploc bag, toss in some powdered sugar, and shake to coat.


I’m sure there was more, but I’m tired and onto stressing about Christmas – so if I think of more I will add them!



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