Things I love/am happy about

I know, I know. Don’t keel over and die because I’m writing a happy post. I’m telling you, it’s the happy pills. They are worth every penny.

* I am happy about the fact that we have (somehow) made it 7 months on my measly income. I don’t know how, but we’re doing it. Once Kevin gets a new job, I’m going to be so happy that we will be able to SAVE some money! Hopefully a job is coming soon, he has two decent prospects right now.

* I am happy that I am finally taking a step to do what *I* want to do with my life. My dream job will be opening up soon, and I’m going to apply for it. It is for the same company that I currently work for, but instead of a retail store I would be at the home office – 5 hours away. This job is exactly what I wanted to do with my degree when I graduated from college TEN (!) years ago. I have refrained from applying for other home office positions because I didn’t want to leave the people I work with/my family/my friends, but I can’t do that anymore – at some point I have to do what is right for ME, and I know that this is what I want to do. I work for an excellent company and would like to stay with them until I retire in 80 years or so. I don’t think I will actually GET the job, but you never know until you try, right? It would be a complete lifestyle change – moving from a big city to a city where, oh, 88.7% of residents are retired and there IS NOT A TARGET. Yeah, you heard me. NO TARGET. I’m holding out hope that one day Target will build there! So – wish me luck. I’m going for the gold when the job is officially posted!

* I am happy that I work with such great people. I have truly been spoiled by my co-workers, and we are all very good friends. I know that this is not typical when you have a bunch of gossipy women that work together (and one guy, can’t leave him out either!) but we really do like each other. These are the people I would choose to be friends with even if I didn’t work with them. They make my days at work almost enjoyable πŸ™‚

* I am happy that my friendly local Wing Stop is so awesome. They are always so nice. We sent an email to Wing Stop tonight about them – I know it’s not much, but working in retail for 17 years has taught me that people rarely compliment and readily complain. I’ve decided that I will start letting people know when I have nice things to say about their customer service and attitude – it brightens my day when I receive a compliment on one of my employees (or myself, I’ve been known to get a FEW). I think a lot of times people look for things to complain about, and forget that when they shoot off an angry email or phone call that there is an actual PERSON who will most likely get reprimanded for what the customer said. I know at my store we take complaints very seriously, but there are a lot of times when the complainer exaggerates or flat out lies about what happened – and it’s our word against theirs. It’s hard. Complaints hurt. I’ve been known to cry at work because a customer has treated me so badly – it’s frustrating when you are doing your job (and doing it well) but a customer doesn’t see it that way. I am convinced that there are people out there who will complain about every place they go to in hopes that they will get free merchandise or gift cards or whatever – and it’s simply not fair to do that. If you have a legitimate complaint, by all means complain – but don’t forget that the people behind the counter/in the apron/on the sales floor have feelings too and most of the time feel horrible when they get a complaint. All that to say, I hope that our email brightened someone’s day at Wing Stop – I know when we get the rare compliment at work it makes us all happy πŸ™‚

* Can you tell I’ve been working a lot lately? Sheesh.

* I am happy about the fact that I can now take showers at night and let my hair air-dry. Since I got a new, shorter haircut (Thanks Jess!) I’ve been rolling my hair in the mornings. Now instead of showering in the AM and dreading drying my thick hair I can shower at night and wake up in the morning, plug the rollers in, sleep for about 30 more minutes, and roll my hair. Bonus – it looks cute. πŸ™‚ Too bad I can’t train Booda to plug the rollers in for me.

Now for Things I Love and Want to Buy Right Now (but will wait until we are DINKS again).

Room Service Home

Room Service Home




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