Crap I’ve Made Recently

So, I have made a few things lately and haven’t posted them – I keep forgetting!

Technically I didn’t *make* this shirt – but I did iron on the letters at the top for my nephew’s third birthday party. Turns out it was way too big for him and he didn’t get to wear it. It sure was/is cute, though!

I made a superhero cape for Logan (my nephew). He LOVED it, and I was so proud of it! I went to Joann with an idea of what I wanted and left with a basket of stuff – I used stitch witch because I didn’t have my sewing machine and it worked great (not to mention the one time I tried sewing, I sucked at it). I autographed the inside hem with his birthdate and “Love, Aunt Heather”. So cute.

Saw this recipe binder idea on a blog and had to copy it. All it is is a binder, scrapbook paper, and mod podge (LOTS). The only problem I have with it is that things stick to it – especially in the heat. I need to figure out a way to stop that – maybe using a different type of mod podge? AND I still need to give Jess her binder!

Pretty simple – “L” made out of some kind of chipboard/MDF/IDK what covered with scrapbook paper. Added a wooden robot (prepainted) from Hobby Lobby, and it now lives in Logan’s bathroom.

More coasters! Again, copied an idea from another blog – LOVE these! They were so easy to make – small terra cotta saucers spray painted with the best green color ever (Rustoleum Gloss Fern), scrapbook paper, mod podge, and a clear coat. The hardest part was cutting out the circles, but there’s even a tool that does nothing but cut circles out of paper and I happen to own it.

Picture frame – these are so easy to make. I buy these plain wooden frames @ Michaels for $1/each. Spray paint the sides/top/back if you wish, mod podge some paper to it, then a clear coat if you want.

My favorite project to date – a $20 stepstool from IKEA – spray painted with Fern (again), and mod podged with my nephew’s name and “I’m kind of a big deal”. Love it. So does he.

Things I’ve bought/trash picked lately

This. I was driving home, saw this on a curb the next street over, and made my husband go back and get it. It’s a heavy SOB, and I might end up putting it back out on our curb because I don’t know what the heck to do with it. Open to ideas.

I’ve been looking for a chest of drawers like this to put in my bedroom – something that has storage and is low enough to put the TV on. Of course, every blog I read finds these things at Goodwill or on the curb or at a garage sale for $30 or less – and I have yet to find a good deal like that. I wanted something I wouldn’t feel bad painting or staining, so that meant I had to find something used. No way am I doing that to a brand new piece of furniture! My sister was obviously bored one night and started stalking Craigslist – and she found this for $100 – included one nightstand and a matching mirror. It’s in excellent condition, but the color is a little too red for my taste. I’m thinking I might just sand the crap out of it and restain it dark, dark brown instead of painting it. Of course, I would also put new hardware on it. Thoughts?

I think that pretty much catches you up for now – I am taking my first ever sewing lesson in 3 weeks, so I’m sure I will have something to show for that soon. I’m scared to death of my sewing machine.


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