Sew busy!

Well, I survived my first sewing class – and loved it! I took it with 4 of my friends and can’t wait to take another one. We made a purse – don’t love the fabric, but I didn’t have a choice. I made do with what was offered! Learned some great tricks – like “take the tequila shot”, and “don’t sew in the birthing hole”. Hey, whatever helps you remember, right? Girls, when will we sign up for another one?

I’ve bought a few different fabrics – some for my online class and some just because I liked it. That’s a bad habit to get into, not to mention expensive!

My nephew is 3 and will be going to Mother’s Day Out a couple of days a week, so he needed a nap mat. My sister sent me a couple of links and we decided to make one. Yeah, well, it looked a LOT easier on paper than it was in reality. It was most definitely not a beginner project and some pictures would have been helpful, but I DID IT! (And I now know how to sew through really thick fabric and make buttonholes with my machine – talk about a huge pain to learn!) It took me SIX HOURS to make one silly nap mat. I was ready to scream at about hour 4 – but seeing Logan get so excited about it made it all worth it!

I also made him a couple of blankets out of fleece and “cold side” (satiny feeling fabric). Those were pretty quick and easy 🙂

I am off on Wednesday, so I plan on trying to get a few projects done from my online class. I’ve been too busy the last few weeks to sit down and do it, but that’s got to change!

Non-sewing craftiness!

My sister and I decided to be crafty a few weeks ago and made some paint chip mosaics that we saw on a blog. They were pretty easy, and all 4 cost under $30.

Links for this post:
Make Dallas
Jenny Garland
Hope Studios


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