New craft room

I can’t believe I forgot to do a post about my craft room! Oops.

We have a front room that is pretty big, and it’s always been just a junk room. Well, we decided to get rid of our storage unit, which meant we needed to clean out that room. I had the bright idea to turn it into a craft room since I have a huge dining room table and tons of supplies (and nowhere to put them).

With a little (okay, who am I kidding – a LOT) of work, we made it into my favorite room in the house. Here are some pictures!

This is the view when you walk into the room. The table also has two leaves. Yeah, it’s huge. The first weekend after we finished the room, I had some girls over (there were 6 of us) and we pulled out both leaves. It worked out great! Everyone had plenty of room.

Bookshelves that hold about half of my cookbooks and crafting books. Ignore the boxes at the bottom, those are books that need to go to Half Price Books!

Chest of drawers that is full of scrapbook paper and embellishments. The basket on the top holds the iron, coasters for our drinks, extension cords, etc. I’m going to paint it lime green when the weather gets better. The table on the left holds the printer and hopefully soon it will also hold a Silhouette machine (hint hint).

My shelves! I try to keep them organized. The 2 large Rubbermaids at the bottom left are full of supplies – I haven’t even gone through them yet. I have a TON of craft supplies!

I still need to make some curtains and put up some decor – but now that I have a craft room I can do that!


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