11. Put your ipod on shuffle and write down 10 songs that pop up.

Well, my ipod appears to be dead in the water, so how about just itunes? I will even link you up. You’re welcome.

You Make it Real – James Morrison. I love this song, I love James Morrison. My brother got me hooked on him a few years ago.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz. Oddly enough, I still love this song. It hasn’t gotten old yet, which I really strange for me. It’s my happy song.

Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga. Uhhh. Not sure why this is in here! A sample of the words: “The only place you’ll want to be is underneath my Christmas Tree”.

All Dressed in Love – Jennifer Hudson, from the SATC soundtrack. I will always remember going to see that movie at midnight with my group of girlfriends 🙂

Sort Of – Ingrid Michaelson. Another artist that I love. I love almost every one of her songs.

Ras Trent – The Lonely Island. HA! I believe we listened to the Incredibad album quite a bit on our family vacation to Colorado in 2009. That’s good family bonding music, right?

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps – Cake. Love cake. The food and the band.

Friday Night – Lily Allen. I do like her, just in small doses.

Auld Lang Syne – Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis, SATC soundtrack. This scene made me bawl like a baby in the movie. It still makes me cry every time I see it. How awesome would it be to have a friend that would run/taxi across NYC on NYE so you wouldn’t be alone? Sometimes I wonder if I have friends like that.

Forgiveness – Sarah McLachlan. She will always be one of my favorites. So many memories associated with her music for me.

Top of the World – Kate Voegele. She makes me happy.


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