12. Bullet your whole day.

Wow, this one’s going to be thrilling – don’t say you weren’t warned in advance.

6:00 – alarm goes off on my phone. I “snooze”.

6:10-7:00 – Still snoozing. I do this on purpose, you know. I feel like I get my best sleep in between BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEPS.

7:01 – Let Oliver outside. Booda generally skips the first outing.

7:02 – Pee. Shower if needed, brush teeth, apply makeup.

7:20 – Get on laptop, jack around on internet while my hair dries a little.

7:35 – Finish drying hair with the blowdryer. Put deodorant on.

7:40 – Iron clothes if needed. Jack around on internet some more.

7:55-8:00 – Get dressed and leave for work.

8:01 – 8:40 – Have my quiet time in the car. Sometimes Kidd Kraddick, sometimes Pandora, sometimes nothing.

8:41 – Arrive at work, 20 minutes early. This is assuming there were no wrecks or bad traffic jams. I drive 20 miles each way to work and back, so I have to allow time for crap to happen.

8:42 – 9:05 – Turn lights on, get the POS system running for the day, check work email.

9:06 – 9:30 – Get the rest of the store ready for the day.

9:31 – 9:55 – Work on jewelry repairs if any need to be done right away, if not, it’s Google Reader time for 20 minutes. And work stuff too, of course. 🙂

9:56 – 1:00 (approx.) – Work. Or pretend to, at least. Depends on the day.

1:01 – 1:30 (approx.) – Eat lunch, read some of my book (currently The Frugalista Files). I have a book at work and a book at home at all times.

1:31 – 5:20 – Work.

5:21 – 5:30 (approx.) – Check work email one last time, take my sweetass time getting my purse and thangs together, then leave to go home.

5:31 – 5:40 – Attempt to exit the parking lot where my store is located. It’s a beating and generally puts me in a crappy mood for the drive home.

5:41 – Call husband to tell him I’m leaving work. Discuss dinner plans. (Yes, this could all be avoided if I were a little more organized, I realize this).

5:42 – 6:20 (approx.) – Drive home. Try not to kill myself or others.

6:21 – Let dogs outside. Pee. Put pajamas on. Pajamas = t-shirt and yoga pants or leggings.

6:22 – Feed the pups if they haven’t already been fed.

6:23 – 11:30 (approx.) – Whatever I want to do. Internetting, crafting, watching TV. I’m pretty boring, but that’s okay.

11:31 – 12:15 am (approx.) – Watch an episode or two of either 1) Arrested Development, 2) Parks & Recreation, or 3) 30 Rock on Netflix. Fall asleep halfway through the first or second episode, depending on my level of sleepiness.

12:16 – 2:30 am (approx.) – Sleep.

2:31 – 2:35 am – Wake up. Let Oliver outside. Pee. Let Oliver back inside.

2:36 – 6:00 am – Sleep.

This schedule (obviously) changes depending on work schedule and days off. Those really aren’t much more exciting 🙂


One Comment on “12. Bullet your whole day.”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Haha, I do the same thing with the snooze!

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