15. Your favorite Tumblrs/Blogs

Since I cannot for the life of me figure out what the heck a tumblr is, I’m going to go with favorite blogs. It’s insane how many blogs I read. I think they are great, helpful, and very addictive 🙂 I will even categorize them for you – you’re welcome.


Dooce – I’ve read her since 2002 or so? Love her or hate her, she’s funny as balls. I choose to love.

Schuyler’s Monster – I’ve been reading this one for about 11 years, since before Schuyler was even born. He used to have a different blog, but this is the newest one.

Que Sera Sera – no longer updating 😦 However, her archives are still up and awesome.

Nienie Dialogues – Didn’t start reading this one until 2008 when the plane crash happened. Read all the way back and am addicted now.



Simply Recipes


Once a Month Mom  – a little overwhelming, but there are some really good recipes!

Our Best Bites



Not Martha – one of the first blogs I ever read!

Mod Podge Rocks


One Pretty Thing – more of a roundup of other crafts/blogs, but very handy!



Married to the Sea

Natalie Dee



There you have it 🙂
















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