16. Your views on mainstream music.

Well, I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to say here.

I grew up listening to whatever my dad listened to – he always told us (and still does) that we need to “broaden our musical horizon”. Ha! That said, my dad doesn’t like anyone that’s on the radio. Once you’re on the radio, you’re a sellout. He’s also a fan of the word “NashVegas”.

I may have laughed him off at the time, but I guess he really did get through to me because I listen to all kinds of music now. My favorite station is KXT, it’s one of the local public radio stations. It’s been on the air for a little over a year, and thanks to that station I have learned about all kinds of new/unknown/indie bands that I now LOVE! I have to use Soundhound on my phone quite a bit when I listen to KXT so I know who is singing.

However, I also love country and top 40 (top 40 in small doses). I love music that reminds me of high school. When I go to movies, I always pay attention to them music and I own WAY too many movie soundtracks.

I grew up constantly listening to music, and probably always will. 🙂



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