Los Angeles, Day 2

Day 2 – June 14:

Brittaney and I are both big time morning people, so we had no trouble getting up and getting out of that damn hotel first thing in the morning. Got dressed, ate breakfast, looked at our google maps on the ipad, and caught a cab to the actual Los Angeles (not Hawthorne, where our hotel was).

Oh wait.

Cabs that pick up from our hotel don’t go to Los Angeles.


So we took the shuttle BACK to LAX and caught a cab from there. He was a real dick. We gave him the address of our hotel, and his next question was, “So how do I get there?”. Um. I wasn’t feeling too sure about this idiot. He was trying to work his GPS while weaving in and out of traffic – I think he knew the general direction of where we needed to be going, but not much more than that. At one point, I offered to put it into his GPS for him, but he was too busy cussing out every driver on the road. We just held on and hoped that we got somewhere close to where we needed to go.

About an hour later (not kidding), we got to our hotel. I’m pretty sure he took the “scenic” route, which meant “not scenic, and really long way because these girls are stupid route”. Well, joke’s on him, because we had taxi vouchers. Suck on that. Also, we’re not stupid.

Our hotel was in a nice little residential  neighborhood in West Hollywood. We checked in, went to our room, turned the A/C down as low as it would go, dropped our bags off, and went back down to the valet. The hotel has a car service that will drop you off anywhere within a 3 mile radius, so we took advantage of it daily. We were going to get tickets for a 48 hour on/off bus tour of Los Angeles – that way we could see the major stuff and kind of use it as a taxi.

The main booth for the tickets was at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. That’s where we were told we needed to go. Well, Worku (our valet dude at the hotel) told us that Grauman’s was 4 miles away, so we told him to get us as close as he could and we would walk a mile. It felt GOOD outside – nice and cool, unlike Texas. Worku asked what we were doing and we told him – turns out that we didn’t have to go all the was to Grauman’s – we could go to any of the stops on the tour bus line and buy our tickets when we got on the bus. Beverly Center was the closest stop, so he took us there. Thanks Worku!

WELL. Brittaney realized about 2 minutes later that she had left her phone in the car. And her sunglasses. I called the hotel and asked if they could just put them at the front desk and we would get them that night when we got back to the hotel. Worku got on the phone and offered to bring them to us – what a nice guy! At that point we figured he was being nice because we gave him a good tip for dropping us off. Two minutes later, he magically arrived and gave us the phone and sunglasses and told us to be careful.

We had a homeless lady yell at us – something about “I wanted to go shopping, you f&#*)@$ bitches!”. Her bra was on the outside of her shirt, and she just was not right. Okaaaaaaay. That ended up being the only bad experience we had in WeHo – or at least I guess that was still West Hollywood.

Finally, we got on the bus. We went to La Brea Tar Pits, LACMA, saw where the lightpost scene in No Strings Attached took place, Farmer’s Market, The Grove, Melrose Avenue, Paramount Studios, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood & Vine (used to be the most famous intersection in LA), Pantages Theater (Shrek was in town!), Grauman’s Chinese Theater/Hollywood & Highland (shops and restaurants and awesome views of the Hollywood sign!), Chateau Marmont, The Comedy Store, London Hotel, Whisky A Go Go, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Beverly Hills. We ate at the now defunct Soul Daddy’s restaurant at Hollywood & Highland, and had the best damn cold sweet potato salad ever. Turns out, the restaurant closed the same damn day we ate there. For good. Dammit. I liked it! We had a cupcake at Crumbs (SO much better than Sprinkles – not a fan of their cupcakes!) and bought a bunch of stuff at LUSH in Beverly Hills.

That was just the first part of the tour. During this time, I also got a massive sunburn. I put sunscreen on, but apparently I forgot that when wearing a boatneck shirt, your shoulders are left exposed. And if your hair is in a ponytail, the back of your neck is also exposed. Yep. I looked (and felt) awesome later that night.

The next part of the tour was Santa Monica and everything between LA and there. It’s really not far between the two but it seems like it is! We saw the Beverly Hilton, Century City, Annenberg Museum, and cruised down Pico Boulevard listening to really crappy beach music. Brittaney and I wanted to jump off of the bus. We finally got to Santa Monica and decided not to get off the bus there since it was kind of late and there wouldn’t be another one coming around for a long time – Brittaney had to pee and I told her she had to hold it until Brentwood – we both wanted off there because we wanted to go to the Brentwood Country Mart. This came back to bite me in the butt the next day. Note to self: Don’t make fun of your friend when they have to pee so bad it hurts.

Santa Monica Pier was awesome and we said we could come back the next day and spend more time there, since I had never been to a real beach (Gulf of Mexico doesn’t count, and neither does North Carolina 2 days after a hurricane). 3rd Street Promenade looked fun too, but I was just praying that Brittaney didn’t pee all over both of us.

We finally arrived in Brentwood and got off the bus. The driver was shocked that someone wanted off at that stop, and we had to “gently” remind him to STOP the bus. HOW RUDE.

The freaking Brentwood Country Mart was so cute I wanted to move in. They had the cutest public restroom – so cute, in fact, that we both took pictures of it. It looked like it was straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. No lie. There was an awesome shop there called Sugar Paper that I loved – fell in love with a bunch of their prints. We talked to the girl working there for a long time – really nice. There was a needlepoint store across the street from it, and we hung out in there for a while and talked to some of the ladies that were obviously having a needlepoint gathering. They were all really nice! Then we had another cupcake while we waited (and waited, and waited, and waited) for the bus to come back. After waiting for 30 minutes, we started to call the company and ask wtf was going on, but then we saw the bus come up over the hill to rescue us. Finally.

On our way back to West Hollywood, we passed through UCLA and then got dropped back off at the Beverly Center. We ate at the Grand Lux Cafe in the Beverly Center because it was close to where we were, and we were dead tired. We split a glass of sangria and a martini, ate an awesome meal, and then started walking back to the hotel. We also stopped in at Chipotle to get cokes, guacamole, and chips. We had only been away from Texas and Tex Mex food for a day, but we were both dying for guacamole. Ha! We made it back to the hotel, hung out, I cried in the shower because my sunburn was killing me – imagine little knives stabbing you in the back and shoulder and neck. The knives = the water from the shower head. Ow.

Then it was bedtime because we had another really busy day the next day that both of us were so excited about!


One Comment on “Los Angeles, Day 2”

  1. Glad to see you enjoyed your tour of LA. There is so much to see in that city it’s crazy. Look us up next time you are in LA.

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