Trip of a lifetime (or at least so far)

I’ve been home for about 7 weeks from my awesome trip to Los Angeles, but for some reason never really wrote about it. It was pretty last minute for me, as I usually like to plan trips for about a year (ha), and we had to cram planning for this trip into about 3 weeks. I got all kinds of advice from friends and books, and we set up our google maps and off we went!

Day 1 – Monday, June 13:

Well, day one was supposed to be on Tuesday, June 14. Didn’t exactly work out that way. I was at work, killing time, waiting for 5:30 to roll around so I could get home, finish packing, and eat dinner with my nephew before I left the next day. Around 3:30, Brittaney (my friend I was going to LA with) called, kinda panicky. I knew what was coming. We were flying non-rev (her dad retired from American) and flights for the next day were almost full – wasn’t looking good for us to leave on Tuesday. So what did we do? We left on Monday night. Yeah. I was out the door at work by 3:45, home by 4:15, finished packing – remembered everything except my hairbrush! – picked Brittaney up, and at the airport by 5:30. Our flight left at 7:45. Holy crap. We booked a hotel room basically from the car on the way to the airport, not really sure where in LA this hotel was or what kind of neighborhood, just that it was close to the airport.

We arrived in LA around 8:35 pm. It was almost COLD! We met our first crazy person there at baggage claim – I think she wanted to be BFFs and there was no nice way to get away from her, so we just walked away. Ha.

We took the hotel shuttle to our hotel – a Holiday Inn Express – not bad at all for last minute reservations. It wasn’t in the best neighborhood (link may not be SFW, I didn’t dig too deep!). I will just say that Brittaney really, REALLY wanted to try El Pollo Loco but we were both too afraid to walk to the corner after dark. So we ate a healthy dinner consisting of microwave popcorn, chocolate, and cokes. Good times. We couldn’t wait to get out of that hotel the next morning!

We actually got some sleep – both of us were exhausted from our frantic rush to the airport. I was happy that we were there and could start early in the morning!





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