Catch up post – I really AM lazy

I have to live up to the name of my blog. Seeing as how I’m going to a DIY/blog conference next June I feel like I need to kick the blogging part up a notch. The DIY part will have to wait until it’s not 110 degrees in Texas.

Some of the things I’ve made this spring/summer but have been too lazy to blog about:


First quilt ever – not my last!

The neverending cross-stitch from hell.

Yarn wreath for my sister – she wrapped the yarn, I made the flowers.

So I got a Silhouette SD, and this is the first thing I cut out on it. Random, yes.

Last minute curtains for Whitney.

Made curtains for my craft room. Used a cheap curtain rod. Regretting it now.

Curtains for my kitchen. This picture makes me feel like I need to clean.

Not sure what to do with this. Frame it? Put it on a pillow? The possibilities are endless, my friends.

Made this using that tutorial/idea that is all over Pinterest – I do NOT recommend using plumbing foam tubes (or whatever it’s called) for wreaths, especially if you live in Texas. The heat turned the stupid wreath into a sick-looking easter egg shape. I threw it away.

Second Silhouette project: What the Fork on canvas. Status: Not hung up in my kitchen yet.

Third Silhouette project – joint venture with my friend Brittaney for our friend’s husband’s surprise party. It was the HIT!

Impromptu craft morning at work. I made my boss sit down and make rolled fabric flowers with me. Nothing says WORK like forced crafting. She is eventually going to make more and put them on headbands for her granddaughters. Key word: Eventually. Which probably means Never.

Bulletin/idea board for my craft room. I was pissed because once I got home, I realized that the frame would NOT come off of the corkboard – so I actually had to <gasp> measure and cut the fabric to size. SO not my idea of fun. Turned out cute thanks to a stapler and my new high temp hot glue gun. That son of a bitch will burn your hand off.

So, that’s what I’ve done this summer. That and I went to Los Angeles, which I miss EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Next year? Hotlanta. Watch out.


4 Comments on “Catch up post – I really AM lazy”

  1. SARS says:

    I will take the whatever cross stitch for my office. it would be perfect. 🙂

  2. WHOA. I wish I knew everything you know – like about cross-stitching, sewing, and getting bosses to do crafts with you.

    I’ll be at Haven too! WOOT!

    • lazyheather says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA – I can cross-stitch like a pro, but not so much on the sewing! The trick is: Get the person cutting your fabric to cut it so you only have to hem the 4 sides (if you’re making curtains, that is). My boss – easy. We’ve worked together for 15 years and I’m like her daughter, so I can be bossy like that. She loves it.
      I’ll have my cross-stitch stuff at Haven – I’m much more crafty than DIY, but I’m willing to learn! Feel free to hang with me at Haven, I’ll teach you what I know 🙂

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