PT5 – 9.7.11 – Long winded edition

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

So, I did this tonight. On a whim. At 9:30pm. And guess what? It worked! Now I’m all pumped about using more baking soda and vinegar. I saw a huge bag of baking soda today right by a huge bottle of vinegar and it made me so happy. I know, I’m sick.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

When I see a little girl in a little ballet skirt (yeah, back in the day we didn’t wear tutus with everything – only for recitals), I want to kick myself for quitting ballet in high school. It kept me thin and healthy. Unfortunately, 15 years of dance gave me really craptastic ankles and all it took was one wrong jump and I was down for the count. It hurt, but I knew that was the end of my dance “career”. I went to a great, classical studio and competitions were NOT allowed. I was very lucky that my mom & dad picked a wonderful dance teacher for me – Miss Barbara. I think of her often and wonder how she’s doing (or if she is even still alive). Loved that woman. She taught me much, much more than ballet/tapp/jazz.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

If I have learned one thing from my father, it is that “we” don’t take the interstate. Anywhere. I pride myself on knowing backroads and “shortcuts” that turn out not to be shortcuts after all. When I go on road trips, I try not to have a set schedule, because you never know when a cool looking road will pop up that you just HAVE to take and who knows where it will lead. Thanks, Dad!

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I am drawn to diamond bands. Sure solitaires and big fancy settings are pretty, but they’re not my style. I just love the look of eternity bands, and luckily I have a diamond band that serves as an engagement ring and a wedding band. I picked it out. That is what I wanted. Some people might find it hard to believe, but I love my little old diamond band more than most rings I see. That said, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a nice 2 carat to stick right in the middle of my little old diamond band – but I love it even without a big diamond.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I know I must sound like an ungrateful beast, but Moscow is somewhere that I never, ever, ever want to visit again. Yes, again. I went on a month-long trip of Europe in the summer of 1992 when I was 14. I was the youngest kid on the trip (there were approx. 30 of us with 3 adult chaperones) and I don’t remember a lot of what I saw, but I remember the stench of Moscow and Minsk. Of course, 1992 was a really horrible year in that country, and I am really surprised we even got to go – looking back, it was probably a very dangerous place at that time. We went to Moscow and Minsk, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, and England. I’d have to say my favorite places were Poland, Germany, and The Netherlands (even though I was sick as a dog in Amsterdam – it was still cool). I know I’m lucky that I got to go to all these places that I will most likely never get to go again, but Moscow is somewhere I will never go back to. Parts of it were beautiful, but not beautiful enough to warrant going back.


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