Mat Kearney – Young Love

I was first introduced to Mat Kearney by my brother about 3-4 years ago – generally, if my brother likes a group or artist, chances are I will too. He’s introduced me to Mat Kearney, James Morrison, Matt Nathanson, OAR, etc. and I like them all. He also introduced me to Ludacris and Outkast and I love them as well (yeah, I do).

So when I got an email from One2One Network asking if I would review Mat Kearney’s latest CD, obviously I was in because that meant free music! Lucky for One2One I liked it 🙂

I tend to categorize music into 3 categories – driving music, relaxing music, and sad music. That’s exactly how I plan to review the album right now!

Young Love tracklist

  1. Hey Mama – DEFINITELY Driving. This song will make me get a speeding ticket. Or two.
  2. Ships In The Night – Driving. Not as hand-clappy as Hey Mama, but a different kind of driving music.
  3. Count On Me – I’m going to go with Relaxing on this one. A little bit of driving, but more relaxing. It’s chill out music, which I know we all need sometimes. Love it.
  4. Sooner Or Later – Relaxing. Just kind of mellow. I can’t believe I just used the word mellow.
  5. Chasing The Light – Handclaps = automatic promotion to driving music. Duh!
  6. Learning To Love Again – The first sad song on the CD. Not overly sad, not “make you cry like a big baby” sad, just a little sad.
  7. Down – Gonna go with relaxing on this one. I was a little iffy, it has definite leans towards driving, but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.
  8. She Got The Honey – Driving. Any song that sticks in my head like this one is driving music. Thanks, Mat, for getting this song in my head.
  9. Young Dumb And In Love – Driving! I think I sense some faux handclaps in there.
  10. Rochester – The second sad song. I suppose that’s a good way to end an album.
I’m impressed with this CD – it’s a good mix of driving/relaxing/sad. I tend to go more for happy, upbeat driving songs (at least most of the time) because lately my hormones have been all over the place. For example, on my drive to work today I heard Adele’s new song and ruined all my mascara work. Sucks to be a lady sometimes, and that’s all I’ll say about that. I much prefer happy songs when I’m in the car, which – if we’re being honest here – is the only time I really listen to music. Happy music makes people happy. What can be wrong with that?

Check the widget out to learn more than you ever wanted to know about Mat Kearney.  Apparently I can’t figure out how to make the widget work. Typical. He seems like a pretty cool dude. Make sure you check out some of his old stuff too – my personal favorite is Nothing Left To Lose. Not a driving song, but that’s okay. I’ll let this one slide.

I was selected by one2one network to review the new Mat Kearney album. I did not receive any compensation, other than a copy of the CD to write up the review. Thank you, One2One!


One Comment on “Mat Kearney – Young Love”

  1. I love Mat Kearney as well. My favorite song out of his older songs is Girl America. As for the new album, I love Ships in the Night. (:

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