VERY important question. Extremely.


Meet my ugly coffee table.

I bought her in Canton on a whim about 8 years ago.

She’s served us well – junk catcher, footrest, dining room table. You get the point.

And yes, that IS a large blue ink stain right on the top there, thank you for noticing.

Oh yes, those are also my husband’s feet and shoes. Thanks, dude.

PS: She was distressed when I bought her. I thought it was cute at the time. Now, not so much.

The time has come to either

1) Get rid of her (my preference)


2) Paint her (spring green is my first thought)


3) Strip and stain her (that sounds so wrong)

Now I need opinions. I’ve got the bug to do this on Sunday, so I have to decide quickly. I have a sander and motivation, now I just need your opinions. I have a chocolate brown couch and chocolate brown/red curtains. I’ve got pillows that have green fern leaves on them – that’s why I thought green would be pretty. It would lighten up the room, but it wouldn’t match the other wood tables I have in the room. I don’t know that I’m a matchy matchy person, so I don’t really care about that.

Since I’m not allowed to chunk it, I’ve got to do SOMETHING to it.


(What Would Lazy Wife Readers Do?)

I’ll be waiting. I hope I get some help here.


4 Comments on “VERY important question. Extremely.”

  1. sars says:

    If you get rid of it, I want it.

  2. tarah says:

    OH dangit! That was my comment Sars!

  3. Without seeing your room it’s a little difficult to say, but if you are not afraid of going bold, I’d paint it red. My second thought would be to do a graphic pattern in brown/green or white/green. I have no idea if that’s helpful or not! Good luck!

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