PT5 – 9.11.11

Source: via Lanell on Pinterest

I’ve been noticing a lot of rose gold lately. I’m not a fan of yellow gold at all, but this rose gold is interesting, and I also love love love the setting. I always pay attention to jewelry, even though I’m not really a “jewelry person” – I work at a jewelry store so I notice these things. I saw someone wearing a rose gold-plated watch and fell in love – I had to stop her and ask her about it! I guess getting older has its benefits – I have no shame anymore and will talk to anyone about anything. Ha!

Source: via Gift on Pinterest

Champagne popsicles – Well, how cute is that? I wish I had about a dozen right now.

Source: via Jess – on Pinterest

Don’t shoot me for posting something Christmas-y in September. If you’re a crafter, you know that you have to start early to make things in time to decorate for Christmas. Now’s the time! This would be cute on my porch – I have a cute-ish pot that I could spray paint and stack them in. Hmmmm…

Source: via Rene on Pinterest

I believe, without a doubt, that sometimes my dogs are the only things that can pull me out of a dark hole and make me smile. It’s amazing how much love dogs have to give. Cats are another story.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I’m not a big fan of rehashing everything that happened on this day 10 years ago. I am saddened by what a different world we live in now than we did on 9/10/01, but I am glad that I have the chance to live, unlike so many others that died that day. It’s very tough for me to watch coverage and read all of the Facebook stories about “where were you on 9/11” and “what were you doing on 9/11”. I remember every single detail from that day down to the shoes that I was wearing. I think most people do. This picture captures everything I need it to.


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