And now for something different…

My brother just completed a triathlon (okay, I guess it was a duathlon – they cancelled the swimming part due to flooding and *sewage* in the river) for LLS – TNT. He has also run a marathon with LLS – TNT. (Full disclosure – now he also works for them!)

He asked if I would be on his team to do a Light the Night Walk next month – now if you know me, you know that I HATE running/jogging but that I can walk with the best of  ’em. So of course I said “Sure!”.

The time has come to raise funds. The goal is low, which is good since it’s pretty late notice. I’m only needing to raise $100.00. Now, if people start giving more, then I can raise my goal higher and higher, which would be great.

We will be carrying gold balloons in memory of our mom. She didn’t have leukemia or lymphoma, but cancer is cancer. Cancer sucks. Cancer is a bad, bad word. Me and my friends have been affected by cancer too many times – two friends just this year, in fact. Both of their moms were diagnosed with breast cancer, but both are doing well now, thank heavens.

Help if you can – either by donating or by joining our team to walk with us. I feel sure that it will be a really neat experience for all involved. Thanks in advance 🙂




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