Angry Bird? Check.

My lovely 4 year old nephew decided that he wanted to be the “black bomb bird” from his beloved Angry Birds game. My sister and I talked about it for weeks, trying to figure out how to make a round costume that looked decent and was not too hot (we do live in Texas, after all, and it’s usually warm on Halloween). No dice.

Finally, I suggested just getting a black shirt/sweatshirt, black pants/leggings, and a black hat and we could go from there. I’m not the MOST creative person, but I can sure try!

First, I printed out a couple of pictures of the black Angry Bird to use for reference. One looked a lot meaner than the other, but we let Logan pick which one he liked the best – we ended up using the eyes from the not-so-angry bird, and the beak from the very-angry-bird. We compromise in my family.

I freehanded the shapes (eyebrows, eyeballs, eyebags – I can’t think of a better way to explain those!) onto paper so we could lay it out and make sure we liked the size of the design. We cut out the shapes, laid out the face, and labelled them with the color felt we needed to cut them out of.

Once we had the proportions the way we wanted them, we traced them onto felt and cut them out. We did run into a problem – we needed gray felt and didn’t have any. I don’t know that I have ever seen light gray felt anyway – so we were resourceful and cut up one of my brother-in-law’s old gray t-shirts! Worked like a charm.

At first I thought I would handstitch the pieces onto the sweatshirt, but then I decided that was a time suck, so I brought my handy dandy Stitch Witch at the last minute. SO glad I did, because I forgot how much I hate to stitch stuff by hand.

I put the eyes together with the Stitch Witch, then used the Stitch Witch to attach them to the sweatshirt. I stuck the beak on with Stitch Witch as well. I’m not saying this costume will be one to pass down to future children, but it will at least last until Halloween is over!

For the hat – my sister bought a solid black fleece hat with a pom-pom of sorts on top. I was at a loss trying to figure out how to make a felt “explosion” on the top of the hat. Then I remembered making all those felt flowers for my yarn wreath – DUH! I basically made a huge felt flower and sewed it onto the top, around the black pom-pom. It worked perfectly!

He loved it! He was so excited when we showed him the finished product, which was enough for me. Whatever makes him happy, I am glad to do it. Isn’t that what aunts are for?!

He's not pissed, he's practicing his "ANGRY BIRD" look! This was obviously pre-leggings.

So – the whole thing cost less than $20. It took less than an hour. It’s not the greatest, most elaborate costume we’ll see, but I’m pretty proud of it!

Sweatshirt – $5

Leggings – $5  (they were in the GIRLS section, but he doesn’t have to know that!)

Hat – $5

Felt – $3.97

Stitch Witch – I already had, but it’s less than $5

This post is part of Get Your Craft on Tuesday at Today’s Creative Blog!

LOVE! And just for good measure, and because I love him so much – this is the reason I would give my life for that kid.




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  1. HouseTalkN says:

    That is one cute Angry Bird!
    Kerry at

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