Is it June yet?

A few months ago, my friend Brittaney (who STILL hasn’t put anything on her blog) told me about Haven Conference. It’s a DIY/Blogging conference that will be held in June 2012 in Atlanta, and she thought we needed to go.

We got a group together, bought tickets, and we’re going. They just announced some of the speakers and the sessions yesterday, and I am so excited now! (Like I wasn’t before).

One of the girls (Creative Kristi) going to Haven put together a Linky party for Haven attendees – I feel a little out of my league joining these women (and men) but I’m doing it anyway!

Haven Attendees Links   

There are still a few tickets left, so if you think you might want to go next year – get one!


One Comment on “Is it June yet?”

  1. Thanks for linking to my little Link up! The rest of the Haven Team & I are so excited to welcome you all to our little conference! It’s a first for all of us to put on a conference and it’s the first conference of it’s kind so we have little freak outs when we land a new sponsor or a new speaker! Glad y’all are just as excited as we are!! 🙂

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