This year…

I want to relax more. Not worry about every single little thing. Smile more. Sleep more. Do less (if I want to). Do more (if I want to). Make weekly meal plans and (somewhat) stick to them. Deep clean my house and keep it clean. Move. Find out why I have a constant sinus infection. Spend more time with my nephew – I know that the “sweet, cuddly, little boy” time I have left with him is going way too fast. Spend more time with my husband. WITH him. Not in the house, not in a different room, but WITH HIM. Be more patient – with my husband and everyone else that requires my attention. Go back to California. Take an awesome trip to Atlanta. Spend girl time in Savannah. Spend more time with my friends. Eat out less, eat at home more. Be a nicer person. Read 36 books at a minimum. Make crafty things instead of just looking at them and thinking, “I could do that”. Go to Austin for a few days with Kevin. Spend time with my precious Booda – he is almost 10 years old and I want to get as many cuddles in with him as I can before he is no longer with us on earth. See my grandmothers and grandfather more often. Volunteer somewhere. Exercise 3-4 days a week, even if it only involves walking around the block. Find a yoga class that works with my budget and schedule. Prepare freezer meals. Make a quilt top – possibly do a whole quilt, but we’ll just see how that goes. Be happy with what I have. Realize that my problems are minute compared to the rest of the world.


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