I’ve been indulging in retail therapy FAR too much lately.

I’m still here. Haven’t cooked a thing (unless you count heating up Healthy Choice steamer bowls, some of which I highly recommend). Haven’t really made anything in about a month – last thing I made was a huge bag full of felt flowers for wreaths. Yeah, ended up giving a ton of them to my friend Dianthe. Hopefully she’ll come up with a cute use for them! I made four wreaths (1 for me, 3 for surprise gifts) and love them.

We’ve had some big changes at work (some good, some bad) which has led to big time stress for old Heather. In the past, I shopped my stress away. However, I have been unable to do that to the extent I would have liked to do, but this year we had a little bonus from Uncle Sam. Sooooooooo… I’ll just say I’ve indulged in some retail therapy and should probably stop quickly 🙂

Stupid Coach Outlet email “special invitation” sales. Honestly, I’m not a purse/bag person, but after this post you probably won’t believe that. I have been carrying a black J. Crew purse that I stole from my sister. She bought it in high school when she worked there for a short time, and she is turning 32 in April if that gives you any clue to how old the purse is. In my defense, I have been wanting a black leather Coach purse for a while – not because I wanted A COACH PURSE, OMG! but because I know that they make good quality products that last a long, long time. I didn’t want the famous Coach C’s plastered all over it, so the Brooke Duffle was the perfect one for me. It should be here Monday or Tuesday. Eek!

Sneakpeeq is bad, bad, bad for my wallet – but I love that website. I feel like I’ve gotten some good deals on things I never knew I needed. It’s fun to look at the “stores”, and they give lots of little incentives for “peeqing”. I’ve gotten free shipping, $10 for signing up, 10-15% off, etc. Not a bad deal!  Anyway, I’ve purchased two things from them in the last few weeks. Those things just so happen to be tote bags.

Buckhead Betties sure does make some cute stuff! (Sneakpeeq link) I bought this tote. I’m a sucker for black/white/hot pink. I couldn’t not get it.


(just imagine it in this color scheme – can’t find a pic on the website!) I had never heard of Scout bags before sneakpeeq, but I think it’s pretty freakin’ cool. It will come in handy for our trip to Atlanta/Savannah this summer.

New tires for the car. Not fun, but it was very, very necessary. Now I can drive like a jerk again and not be afraid of spinning off the road.

New phones. We went with the Motorola Droid RAZR. It was time for our upgrade, and my husband’s phone was 99.8% dead in the water, so we bit the bullet. Luckily, Verizon was having a BOGO sale on the Razrs, so we saved $200. Not too shabby! They should arrive on Tuesday.

I think that’s about all I have really bought lately – Oh wait. Printer ink. Talk about a whooping. I hate buying that stuff, but now I can print useless crap again. Yay!




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