There’s an app for that. Well, of course there is.

So, thanks to good old Facebook, I found a pretty cool website called AppSmitten.

I have an Android phone, and I rarely use apps – if you looked on my phone, you would think I had a kid or something because 90% of the apps I download are for my nephew. I haven’t let him play with my new phone yet, but now that I’ve found this website that narrows down some of the choices I feel quite sure he will be playing on it soon enough.

AppSmitten lumps apps into category, and you can choose which platform you want to view apps for (Android/iPhone/iPad). Pretty cool!  It’s got lists, trendsetters, and best apps by category. For Android, it links you right to the app in the Android Market – makes it very simple.

So far I’ve downloaded:

Pocket Penguins

What’s Different?





Big Oven






Sherwin Williams Color Snap


I think I’m in big trouble.

What are some of your favorite apps?








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