Freezer cooking – 14 meals in 2 hours!

Well, we finally did it. My sister and I did some freezer cooking today! We used to go to a place called Dinner Station, and while it was nice because everything was done for us (like chopping onions and stupid celery and touching raw chicken), it is also about 45 minutes away from both of us. We briefly discussed going back there because the prices seemed pretty fair/comparable and we liked the food, but in the end it just isn’t worth the drive.

We each picked three recipes (one beef, one chicken, and one sausage/pork) and made our lists. We did all of our shopping at Market Street (can I just say that they may have just won me as a shopper for life? Everyone there was SO nice, AND they have thin cut chicken breasts with absolutely NO fat on them – awesome!) and were impressed with the prices and quality. I’ve never done full on grocery shopping there, but I will definitely be doing it again! We had our recipes printed out and ready to go.

It just so happened that all three of my recipes used Ziploc freezer bags (gallon size). All three of Whitney’s used 8×8 foil pans. All three of hers were casseroles (that were meant for a 9×13 – she split each recipe into 2 8×8 pans since we both have small families). I brought my trusty Sharpie. Any Sharpie of mine is far superior to any Sharpie that Whitney might have (yes, we did have that discussion. I won.)

We each worked on our own recipes. That worked well since it was just two of us. If we do it again with more people, I think it would be easier to have one person in charge of chopping veggies, one person in charge of stovetop stuff, one in charge of sauces, etc. Not exactly sure how it would be easiest, but that might work.

Here are the recipes we made – Whitney has previously made the sausage/pepper penne and the chicken broccoli rice casserole. I haven’t made any of the ones I chose, so hopefully they all turn out great! We’re already talking about next time and maybe adding two more people in – have each person bring one beef/one chicken/one pork-turkey-sausage recipe, and one surprise recipe. That way there is a nice variety. If we expand it to 4 people, that would be 16 meals! Not too shabby.

Anyway, on with the recipes:

IKEA Swedish meatballs – no picture for this one!

Hawaiian Kielbasa

Cranberry BBQ Chicken

Unstuffed Shells

Spicy Sausage and Pepper Penne

Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

Yes, that last one does contain cream of crap. Next time, we plan on making our own cream of crap that’s not so crappy – we just wanted to get it finished today.

I’m so excited to have 7 meals in my freezer (I made 4 smaller bags of IKEA Swedish meatballs – 15 meatballs each – instead of 2 large meals. 2-3 people do NOT need 30 meatballs in one sitting) after about $100 and 2 hours total! Here’s our combined haul – doesn’t look like much, but not bad for about 12 hours between saying “let’s do this” and actually doing it!

Here are some links to our Pinterest boards that we use for freezer meals.


2 Comments on “Freezer cooking – 14 meals in 2 hours!”

  1. aria says:

    Now you get my Market Street love!!! Did you sign up for the rewards card? Every week they’ll email you a coupon for a free something (milk, 1# chicken, cups/plates, lightbulbs, random!) and it will load automatically to your card. This week it’s free grilling planks for fish.

    • lazyheather says:

      I’ve always liked Market Street (even before they were in DFW – when Kevin lived in Amarillo, I would always make him take me to their Market Street!) but I’ve never done all of my shopping there since it’s not as close as several other stores. Yes, I signed up for the rewards card so I should be good to go!

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