My poor dad has really been through it. When my mom died in 1990, she left behind a husband with 3 young kids – I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for him to lose his wife, AND realizing that he was going to have to raise 3 kids without her. I like to think that we were somewhat easy to deal with, but I am sure we weren’t all peaches and cream.

I remember dad dropping me and my sister off at the grocery store to do the shopping (before I could drive). He would come back in an hour to pay for it and pick us up. We would always pick a magazine or something fun as our “pay” for doing the shopping – I’m sure dad knew about it but he never said anything.

I remember my dad being the “cool dad” in my group of friends. He was never really strict with us – as long as he knew where we were, who we were with, and approximately when we would be back it, it was pretty much okay with him. Within reason. I didn’t have a curfew, whereas all of my other friends did. Of course, I never abused the fact that I didn’t have a curfew – maybe that was why!

Dad has raised all three of us on music. Constant music. He often says that we need to “broaden our musical horizons”. Well, I used to HATE it, but now I appreciate it. I hear so many songs that remind me of my childhood and growing up, and I have dad to thank for that. He is still very much into music (but God forbid someone actually be on the radio – that automatically qualifies them as a sellout, according to dad), and lucky for him, so are his son-in-laws! I am glad that music is something they all have in common.

Dad had to deal with things a dad should never have to deal with since he has two daughters. Do I even need to elaborate? Feminine issues, boys, broken hearts, broken friendships, girl drama… all I can say about that is that it takes a very strong man to do what he had to do for us girls. I know it couldn’t have been easy.

Dad is a pretty awesome grandpa – or as we call him now, T-Luv. It makes me so sad to hear stories about these grandfathers who don’t make time to spend with their grandkids, or are not in their lives for one reason or another. Seeing dad with Logan makes my day. Logan loves his “T-Luv Money Man” so much, and it makes me smile. He’s such a cool grandpa – was he a cool dad? Looking back, I guess so!

Dad taught me to never take the highway because it’s boring. This philosophy led to many, many adventures – getting lost in Colorado (more than once), going on a “2 hour trip to see this bridge” (turned out to be a full day), driving around until we (almost) run out of gas in Hamilton, Texas to name a few. This also means that I can (and have) called dad from the road and said, “I’m taking exit 427 because traffic sucks – where do I go from here/what’s good to eat in this podunk town/how far am I from…” I don’t know many dads that can do that. I am my father’s daughter in this regard, but I don’t think my brother and sister caught that gene.

I am so thankful for my dad. He’s had to go above and beyond in his role as dad, and although not by choice, he never made us feel like it was a chore. When my mom died, we were forced to become a closer family, and if there is one good thing that could ever come of our mom dying, it is just that. I don’t know what I would do without my dad, and I know I don’t tell him that enough. We’ve had our rough patches, but it always works out in the end.

Happy Father’s Day, T-Luv. We all love you so much and thank you for everything you have done for us!



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