Five minute wreath

Okay, I have a problem with wreaths. I love them too much. I have (probably) about 12-13 wreaths in my craft room closet at any given time. They are easy, relatively inexpensive, and make a big impact. What’s not to love?

My sister and I decided that this type of wreath should be called the “5 minute wreath” because it takes, well, about 5 minutes to put together.

Materials needed:

Straw wreath

Fabric cut into strips (I make mine about 3″ wide – 1 yard is more than enough. For a 12″ wreath, I used about 1/2 yard)

Flowers/embellishments/what have you

Hot glue/glue gun

Okay, so you are going to wrap the fabric around the wreath. I usually start by overlapping so I don’t need to use hot glue on the plastic-wrapped wreath. Overlap the fabric a little bit, and when you come to the end of it, put a strip of hot glue and attach the next piece of fabric. Keep going until the wreath is covered completely. (For a 12″ wreath, I used 4 strips of fabric)

Place an extra piece of fabric across the back on the top part of the wreath for hanging. I use a Command hook to hang my wreaths on my front door.

Glue your flowers/embellishments on wherever you choose. I prefer to do mine on one side near the bottom, but that’s just my personal preference.

That’s it! These are so easy to whip out for gifts,  and inexpensive too.

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