Royal Design Studio Stencil Review

I met up with Regina from Royal Design Studio at Haven Conference – she had a booth and her booth was a popular one! They were doing a make and take craft, which is always popular with us nerdy blogger types. Everyone got to stencil a file folder to take with them, and that file folder came in handy for all of the handouts we were given at the conference!

Upon learning that they have a program especially for bloggers, I was pumped. After I got home from Haven and wound down a little bit, I emailed Regina and we worked it out. Their website showcased SO many designs to choose from, it took me days to decide which one I wanted. Royal Design Studio sent me a fun, youthful stencil to try out! I decided to use it on my chest of drawers in my craft room.

I knew I wanted a bright color for the chest, and was leaning towards green/lime green – in fact, that’s what I set out to buy when we headed to Dallas to buy our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Once we got to the store, my sister and friends talked me into the Barcelona Orange. I like orange, but I don’t LIKE orange – the color orange is still growing on me, but after seeing the chest of drawers finished, I think I’m a changed woman.

The chest of drawers that was transformed actually used to be in my nephew’s room, until my sister bought a different dresser and painted it. I couldn’t let a cute chest of drawers go homeless, so of course I took it. It was boring white and was begging for color – not to mention, it was going in my craft room and I want my craft room to be a fun, happy, bright room!

Once we got this beast painted (no sanding, no priming! Thanks Annie Sloan!), it was time to bite the bullet and stencil. We had spent so much time painting this chest and I had an irrational fear of stenciling and messing it up.

Armed with Frog Tape, Martha Stewart Arrowhead craft paint, daubers, and stencils, we set to work.

Since I twitch when things aren’t symmetrical (my sister’s OCD is rubbing off on me), I decided to stick with one stencil for the whole project. The stencils I chose actually came with 5 different flowers! The one I used was the smallest one since the drawers were more narrow than I thought.

(We had to do a trial stencil on posterboard to make sure we were doing it correctly!)

Action shot of the first stencil!

One down, seven to go.

I decided to center the flower stencil underneath the knob. That way, they would be evenly placed and centered. Once I got started, it went relatively quickly – I would say I finished all 8 flowers in less than 30 minutes. They’re not perfect, I got a little crazy on a few spots, but nothing major!

(Keeping it real)

My five year old nephew wanted to help, so we had him do a “trial” stencil on the posterboard. Well, in typical five year old fashion, he did great for about 10 seconds and then started dragging the paint across to finish. No! I am a sucker for my nephew, as you can see.

*So easy, even a five year old can do it!*

(That one actually turned out to be the best one on the whole chest)

After letting it dry overnight (even though the Martha Stewart paint dried pretty quickly – just wanted to be safe), my sister and I put a coat of polyurethane over the whole chest of drawers. That took about 20 minutes total.

Why polyurethane and not wax? 1) I’m lazy, hence the name of the blog, and 2) I wanted a really glossy finish. I love the way Annie Sloan wax goes on and looks on certain pieces, but it’s not what I had in mind for this project.

I purchased cheapy knobs at Lowe’s ($1.02 each) and put them on – and it was ready to go! This fun chest of drawers will have a new life as a scrapbook paper/embellishment/mod podge organizer and I can’t WAIT to put it to use. Fun fact: I also have a second chest of drawers that I am going to paint the same way this week to hold my fabric, but I needed to get one done to see how it went. It’s a win!

And now I present to you my very first sponsored blog review item –

Barcelona Orange chest of drawers with Japanese Flower Stencils from Royal Design Studio!

* This stencil was provided to me by Royal Design Studio to review and give my honest thoughts on. My honest thoughts? I can’t wait to order some more stencils from them! Thank you so much for the opportunity, Regina! You are awesome.

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How to Stencil – lots of tips and tricks for newbies like myself! Remember – if a five year old can do it…

I also posted this at my group blog! Check it out!

Which stencil is your favorite from their website? 


Martha Stewart, Royal Design Studio, and nerves, Oh My! {Sneak Peek Part 2}


Source: via Kitty on Pinterest

Here goes nothin’. Pics will be up on Tuesday, bright and early!

I will be using Royal Design Studios Japanese Flower Garden B Stencils, Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Arrowhead, and Martha Stewart Foam Pouncer Tops. Wish me luck!

PS: I would kill for that basket of Martha paint up there.

Totally phoning it in tonight… oh, and Annie Sloan. I love her.

I’m sick sick SICK and too lazy (hence the name) to write a blog post, so I’m just going to link to my sister’s post from today! We painted an old fashioned – well, not TOO old fashioned, that’s the kind of desk I used when I was in school! – school desk with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. We sealed it with Minwax wax and Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  The color we used today was Louis Blue – turned out prettier than we thought it would! It ended up being a nice, light grayish-blue color.


Here’s the link to Whitney’s blog. 

I’ll be back soon – I have some major cleaning to do in my craft room!

Haven 2012 recap – with not too many pictures!

I had absolutely no idea what to expect for my first (not last!) blogging and DIY conference when I signed up for it last August. Let’s be real, I know next to nothing about DIY or blogging, and I was going to throw myself into a hotel full of both? I guess I never really got nervous about going, and I’m going to blame my antibiotics on the issues that came up when we got to the hotel 🙂 Yes, I got a full blown sinus/upper respiratory infection less than a week before we left. I finished up my course of {very strong} antibiotics on day 2 of Haven, so obviously I wasn’t feeling my best but I tried to make the best of it. I had been waiting for this trip for almost a year, I wasn’t going to let a little mucus/wheezing/nasty cough stop me! It may have stopped others from talking to me, but hey, whatever. I went to Haven with five other girls – Tarah, Christie, my sister Whitney, Brittaney, and my Aunt Toni. I snored, I wheezed, I coughed, and they all made sure to give me crap about it. I would expect nothing less!

Brittaney and I arrived at the Atlanta airport around 12:00. The others wouldn’t be there until 2:00 or so. We had to throw down with the rental car guy (btw, there is no way that a TAHOE will hold 8 people + 5 bags. We had to demonstrate for him. Insane.) and ended up with a freaking minivan. I always make fun of minivan drivers, but damn, I kind of liked driving it. Is it weird that I have no kids but I kind of want a minivan? Anyway, after some raised voices, the rental car guy relented and we got the minivan without having to pay extra. Sheesh. Brittaney spotted a Dairy Queen, so of course after our fight with Advantage Rent A Car we needed a cool-down Blizzard. How fitting that our first stop in Atlanta is the Texas Stop Sign. We picked up the rest of the girls and headed for The Varsity near downtown! We are pretty sure we saw a group of Haven girls there at the same time because 1) they were dressed cute, and 2) there was a big group of them. We were too chicken to ask, so we ate our healthy food and left.

We headed to the hotel, checked in, and relaxed for a few minutes before checking in to the actual conference. We had two rooms that were adjoining (yay Crowne Plaza for getting it right!) so it was like one big hotel room with 4 beds and 2 bathrooms. It worked out well for us!

The party on the first night, sponsored by Frog Tape and Oreck, was decorated so nicely! It was very crowded, and I wasn’t feeling well, so we stayed for a short time and retired to the hotel room. I wish I had been feeling better so I could have been a little more social, but I just couldn’t handle it. From what I heard, it was a blast and lasted for quite a while! We ended up ordering a pizza and picking it up around 9:30.

The next morning was an early one! Breakfast started at 7:30 and the opening session was at 8:30, so we hauled butt downstairs and ate/got our seats. It was so crowded in that room! I get a little, shall we say, panicky when in tight quarters, so it was a challenge for me. John & Sherry of Young House Love did a GREAT job opening up the conference (fart, cheese pie) and got it off to a fun start. I would totally hang out with them. They’re my kind of people.

After that, I branched out alone and went to my first session – Beginning Paint & Stain. I have no illusions about my painting ability (or should I say DISability) but after that session, I felt like I could paint or stain anything and everything! It was led by Kate from Centsational Girl and Chris from Just A Girl. They were patient and didn’t make you feel dumb for asking questions, which was awesome. I took TONS of notes in that session!

Then it was lunchtime. I took a chance and sat at a table with a bunch of girls I had never met before. Turns out, 4 of them were from Texas. Go figure! One of them was Altar’d – I will have to look through the business cards I collected to see who the rest were. It was a little stressful at first, eating with a bunch of strangers, but it turned out to be really fun!

My second session (also alone) was Advanced Paint & Stain – you know, because I am so advanced now that I’ve taken the beginning paint class. It was led by Marion of Miss Mustard Seed. She focused mainly on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (I am in love) and Milk Paint (I will have to try it). I left that class wanting to paint everything in sight. My mind was racing with thoughts of painting furniture I already own! I also met Francine of SkyBluPink Creations – what an awesome lady! She lives in the D/FW metroplex, so I’m sure I will run into her again. I already have plans to check out her booths at the Frisco Mercantile – because guess what? She sells Annie Sloan paint!  She is going to get sick of me asking questions. I also met Beth of Unskinny Boppy and Dusty of All Things G&D. I wish I could have hung out with them, but it just wasn’t in the cards I guess.

The next session I went to (joined by everyone but Tarah) was the slipcovering and upholstery session. I learned a lot and had some good laughs with Angie, the Slipcover Diva (cha-ching!). I LOVELOVELOVED her. I wanted to take her home with me so we could hang out. For some reason, she just cracked me up. We may or may not have invited her to my aunt’s lakehouse near Dallas for a week of slipcovering lessons, eating, drinking, sleeping, whatever. She was down for whatever! The session went waaaaaaay over but it was totally worth it. This session is where I also met Traci from Beneath My Heart. What a sweet, sweet person. I loved her immediately. I told her about how my mom had passed (since hers has as well) and how I was close to my sister and aunt, and she just got tears in her eyes. It was so nice to meet her and give her a hug. The nicest person at the conference, for sure. Love you, Traci!

That night, we went to Figo Pasta in Alpharetta. Why so far? Because I got free meals for all 6 of us due to a grand re-opening that just happened to coincide with one of the nights we needed dinner. Once we got the food, it was to die for. I wish we had Figo in Texas! We did have to wait over an hour for our food, which was annoying, but I think our ticket got “lost”. We didn’t get an apology from the manager or the waiter, which I thought was a little strange, but it was okay. Can’t complain too much for free food! I had the chicken marsala and mushroom ravioli with mushroom sauce. Holy crap, that was good.

This was the “loser” room at 11:00. Our room? We stayed up until FOUR A.M. We could not go to sleep no matter what. It was like high school again.

The next day we didn’t have to start quite so early. We missed breakfast (big mistake, I was starving) and went straight to our sessions. I did the Power Tools with Ryobi session. I built a freaking wine rack! I had never used a drill before (told you I had no business being at a DIY conference) but now I’ve got the itch. I want to build stuff. I wanted to win one of the tools so dang bad, but it wasn’t in the cards. Hey, Ryobi, if you’re listening – I’d be happy to take some of those tools off your hands! Particularly the drill, the saw, and the paint sprayer! Thanks!

Then I took the Carpentry class with Ana White (and Christie). She is so cute and little and compact, but damn it if that woman can’t build anything! They were building a locker/cubby/mudroom thing made out of Purebond. They were in the finishing stages (I guess they built the majority of it the day before in the session) so we got to play with power tools. I used a miter saw! What! I also met The Bearded Iris, who provided me with the highlight of the whole conference. I love that woman. I had no shame at this conference and it paid off big time. Christie would KILL me if I posted about what happened, but I will just say that I apparently grew a big set of balls on this trip and was not afraid to talk to anyone about anything!Ask me in private and I’ll give you the scoop. THANK YOU, Leslie, for providing us with tears of laughter for years to come. Christie is just now climbing up from sinking in to the floor.

Three of us were bad and skipped the last session to go drive around and look at big houses in Buckhead. So worth it!

The cocktail party that night was also crowded, and I feel bad saying that we skipped it, but I just wasn’t feeling great and the girls I was with decided we’d just forgo it. I hope that next year I’m feeling better and can take full advantage of the parties – yes, I said next year. I am SO going back.

We ate at Greenwood’s in Roswell. I think it was my favorite meal of the whole trip! It was in a cute old house with a HUGE flower garden. The food was excellent and everyone was so nice there! I will definitely go back next year when I come back for Haven. The pie = heaven. The fried chicken = heaven. Ahhhhhh.

Then we headed to Value Village. Apparently Mr. Goodwill Hunting sang praises about VV, so we had to go. The employees said that due to this conference, their sales were up 50% for the day! Holy crap. We were about 20 minutes from the hotel, and I’m guessing there are more Value Villages around there, so people were driving and shopping, apparently!

Once we got back to the hotel, we crashed. The closing session was awesome, except for one girl who kept criticizing (not constructive, mind you) the conference. I kind of wanted to pop her in the face, but I refrained. The organizers did a WONDERFUL job, and I cannot even begin to imagine how much work went into this conference! I can’t wait for next year.

Oh yeah, I won a bunch of stuff. Along with the bag o’ swag from Haven,  I won some Annie Sloan paintbrushes, a Moen Twist showerhead, Annie Sloan wax, Annie Sloan apron… it was insane. I had to mail a 26 pound box home of stuff from Haven. THAT was awesome. I more than made back the price of the ticket to the conference, which was a huge bonus.

In short (ha), I had a blast at Haven. I loved every minute of it, and the only thing I would change about it? Make it longer. I could have stayed for a week. 🙂 LOVE to the organizers.

I keep forgetting things! Being at Haven inspired us to start a group blog – even the ones who had never blogged before. We’ve purchased a domain name already, and are working out schedules/design/etc. Watch for it! It’s going to be fun 🙂

Craft Room overhaul, Part One of many

Okay, so I jumped the gun a little when choosing my fabrics for my curtains in the craft room. I like it, but it’s not what I want anymore. Oops. I want to go more “MODERN” and less “FOO-FOO”.

So – here are the choices I’ve narrowed it down to. FYI, the prices are very similar so that does not make or break my decision. It’s good to have a husband who works in the biz. 🙂

I saw the pre-made panels as I was leaving the store. $12.99 – employee discount = pretty cheap.

However, I don’t know that they are my favorite.


Crafts 11-30-09

Origami Wreath – cute, but not sure I have the patience for it!

Botanical Prints – I’ve always liked these. Now I know where to find them if I ever decide to do something with them!

Finally – something to do with the magazines I keep saying I’m going to go through and never do!

Embroidery hoop corkboard – LOVE!

Bath bombs – for when you just can’t make it to LUSH 🙂

So many links, so little time (or brainpower to remember them)

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(Unable to right click a picture – but oh so cute!)

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