How to make someone smile

It’s been a rough year. If you’ve been reading what I’ve written this year, you already know that, so I’m not going to rehash anything.

All I will say is that I appreciate my friends and family that have been there for me in recent weeks, and I couldn’t make it through the day without you. To those of you that chose to take this opportunity to kick me while I was down – it makes me sad that you would do that. It happens, though, and life goes on. I ask that you think about what you say to a friend when they are going through some issues. What they need is for you to lift them up, not push them back down. Push them down later, when they get out of their slump!

Anyway, today at work we were joking around and my employees came up with a list of why they loved me. It made me so happy, and it all started out as a joke – but I don’t think they know just how much it meant to me. It made me laugh! It’s good to know what it is about me that they like.

I’m thinking of making some “reasons I love ____________” lists for others. You should too. You just never know when it might be the difference that makes or breaks someone’s day. 

Who would you write your list for and what would your reasons be?






On being “mid-thirties”

I didn’t care about turning 30. I thought it would be some huge thing, but it really wasn’t. It’s funny how the older you get, the more your idea of “old” changes. I can remember being in high school, thinking 35 was ancient. Ha!

I work at a store with a few older women (no, I don’t consider any of them “old” – they don’t act it, they don’t look it) and things are changing. All of my “moms” are leaving me. Abandoning me. On October 3, my beloved manager is retiring and will leave me as the oldest person in the store. I’ve never been the oldest person at my store. I’m “only” 35. It’s been a tough year at work, and although I do not blame any of them for leaving – I feel like I’m being abandoned. It’s hard not to feel that way when you’ve worked together as long as we have – they are my people, my chosen family, my “extra” moms and sisters.

I’m not where I thought I would be at 35. I don’t know what I thought that would be, but this isn’t it. I have great friends, great husband, great family, great puppies – but I’m just unsettled, I guess. I am luckier than a lot of people, and I am grateful for what I have – but something just seems off.

I’ve been so busy trying to grow the other blog that tonight I just had to come back to my familiar little corner of the internet and talk. While I would like for the other blog to get bigger and more popular, is it wrong that I want this one to stay the way it is and has been? Everyone needs their safe place, and up until now, oddly enough – my safe place was work.

I don’t have that anymore.

I think my work life is screwing with my head. I don’t know that it’s necessarily the big 3-5 that is messing with me – it is just coincidental. It’s a year of change. Hopefully it will end up being a change for the better, but right now it sure doesn’t feel that way.

Think of me on Thursday. I have a feeling that 35 is going to hit me pretty hard.

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What I’m listening to… Beastie Boys. My high school/college soundtrack. Their songs bring back so many good memories. RIP MCA.

What I’m eating… Cookies n Cream Muddie Buddies. What?

What I’m watching… Nothing, because Major League Baseball has taken over my living room TV. My stuff just keeps piling up on the DVR. I *did* go see Five Year Engagement, though. It was okay. I think I expected a lot more from it, but it was cute.

What I’m thinking about… So much my head is spinning. Our trip next month, work stuff, friend stuff, sister stuff. I need a drink.

What I’m loving… Maxi dresses. Who knew? Of course, I probably look like an Oompa Loompa in them, but I’m 34. I don’t care what people think of me or my short round body!

What I’m anticipating… Haven Conference and our trip to Savannah afterwards! I’m also anticipating a few other things, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I will anticipate alone for now 🙂

What I’m feeling thankful for… A very understanding, thoughtful sister. I wish I could just run out and get her pregnant (wait, that sounded really weird) but she knows what I mean 🙂

What’s coming up on the blog… I’ve ventured into jewelry making. It’s only natural since I work with jewelry all day, right?

Pin of the Day… I know I am not the only freak out there who can’t deal with socks while sleeping. Or really at all.


Things I’m loving right now.

Time for a change of pace. Way too much seriousness in here lately!

In no particular order, here are some things I’m loving right now:

Pinterest – still in love.

Draw Something – completely addicted. I suck at drawing too!

Birchbox – for $10/month, I get a surprise in the mail full of sample size (and often full size!) cosmetics and skin care items. I love it!

Hershey’s Candy Coated Easter Eggs, aka Crack in candy form.

Taco Casa cheese, not to mention their sweet tea. It’s too bad that there’s a Taco Casa 5 minutes from my house. Oops.

Celexa. It’s very necessary. We found that out the hard way, when I started crying over everything – everything. I love this little pill, there’s no shame in my game. I think it should be in the water supply!

Coach. Now I see why people love their Coach purses. I’m still infatuated with mine 🙂 I’m starting to twitch, wanting another one. I think this one should be my next child.

Coach shoulder bag

Ali Wentworth
– her new book is killing me!
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt – I love this book. It is taking me a while to read because I read it on my lunch breaks at work – but I’m prepping for my trip to Savannah this summer! I refuse to watch the movie until I finish the book.
Haven Conference! I can’t wait until June!
Things I am NOT loving: The formatting on this post. Sorry dudes.

There’s an app for that. Well, of course there is.

So, thanks to good old Facebook, I found a pretty cool website called AppSmitten.

I have an Android phone, and I rarely use apps – if you looked on my phone, you would think I had a kid or something because 90% of the apps I download are for my nephew. I haven’t let him play with my new phone yet, but now that I’ve found this website that narrows down some of the choices I feel quite sure he will be playing on it soon enough.

AppSmitten lumps apps into category, and you can choose which platform you want to view apps for (Android/iPhone/iPad). Pretty cool!  It’s got lists, trendsetters, and best apps by category. For Android, it links you right to the app in the Android Market – makes it very simple.

So far I’ve downloaded:

Pocket Penguins

What’s Different?





Big Oven






Sherwin Williams Color Snap


I think I’m in big trouble.

What are some of your favorite apps?







So –

What other controversial topics can I cover this week?


Just kidding. I’m still on Cloud Nine from last week!


Things that have made me laugh today:


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Trader Joe’s is coming to Texas!

(Not until next year, I don’t think, but STILL – I am so excited!)

When I was in California this summer, you know I had to stop at Trader Joe’s and buy a bunch of stuff. I ended up mailing home a 33 lb box. Holy crap. The 33 lbs does not include the crap we bought to snack on while we were IN California, either! At the Barnes & Noble in The Grove Los Angeles, I spotted a shelf full of Trader Joe’s cookbooks. I’d forgotten about them until now, but I added them to my Wish List board on Pinterest – I have to plan ahead and prepare a list for when my stores open here in Texas, you know.

I also found a few TJ related blogs – LOVE!

Cooking with Trader Joe’s

What’s Good at Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joes Recipes


Those of you that are TJ’s pros – which products are the must have products? I am already a huge fan of the Black Bean Dip, the Cilantro Salad Dressing, and the Salted Caramel Sauce.

The way we eat is definitely going to change once Trader Joe’s comes to town.